Saturday, March 29, 2014

Go, go, go!! Lots of work.....

I'm not sure where the past month went, but I do know that I've been working pretty hard on orders, including some very challenging special orders.  It's also that time of year to finish all the accounting, file taxes and close the books on 2013.  I'm very close to being finished, yay!

I did write a blog post I was invited to submit to the website Birthstone Central as their "Shop of the Week."  Please hop over there and take a look! 

The idea was to give an overview of my work and how I got there....I had a very good time writing it and an even better time creating photo collages to illustrate some of my work with pearls.  Here's a little peek

I was invited to submit my story by Jayme, one of the artists involved with this site.  Jayme has a shop on Etsy and the main page for Birthstone Central is here   Jayme's Etsy shop is sports related things for kids....and I also learned she lives in Alaska--which is neat because I lived up there for around 8 years until the economy tanked locally there, and surviving as a working artist became too difficult for me....but I miss the place and hope I can visit this amazing state again some day.  Meanwhile, it's always fun to connect to folks up there in little ways....isn't the world wide web just amazing?!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Enchanting Emerald Green

While I was thinking about "green" I came across this collage I made a few years ago, with samples of some of the many shades of green that grow at WillOaks Farm.  I decided that for some of us, tired of looking at white snow and gritty melting scenes, it might be a soothing, hopeful image!
Emerald green was a "Pantone Color of the year" in 2013.  I wasn't too sure how popular this might be, but since I just love green in ALL her glorious moods, I went ahead and used the color in a few pieces last year.

This year, I came across a box labeled "St. Patrick's Day" in my studio (I'm still unpacking and organizing things here.)  Inside, I found a small collection of bits with that deep, emerald green that I think is perfectly my imagination.  So the following collection, to honor my idea of the Irish and the Emerald Isle, came together.
Around the same time, I realized that I have a small collection of clip-on earring findings--parts I've used over the years for some of my customers by request because they do not have pierced ears.  I decided to try a few, and will try to remember to add this variation to other earrings that I make in the "drop style" because I just haven't been organized enough to DO this until now.

So St. Patrick's Day is March 17, which is a few weeks away.  If you know anyone looking for jewelry to mark the occasion, or need a gift to commemorate it, please consider browsing my studio on Etsy.  This link (click here) will narrow your looking to things I have made up in the "emerald green" color of green.

Other shades of green, which is a color I adore and use often, can be searched in my studio via the "local search" box on page one of my studio, using the lower box.  Or you can use this link to "just" look at 4 pages of pieces that use some kind of green.

And I'm not the only one here that loves green!  I've discovered a way to help my cats continue their transition to being mostly indoor cats by helping them get access to "good greens."  It's wheat grass!  I found a local grocery here the sells lovely growing pots of this grass for $2.99.  We make this last for just about 2 weeks, and maybe it's one of the reasons my cats don't bother all the house plants I tend?  This grass plant is much tastier (and probably safer, too!)  The only down side is when they really "need" the grass, eat a lot, then turn around and upchuck (& I hope to find it and clean it up before I step in it)...but that's just cats for you.  The good, the bad and the icky =D

Have a great weekend, everyone and thanks for dropping by!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Or "D"-None of the Above?
I'm just excited about this sort of unusual and accidental new necklace.  Last summer, I found these smooth clear crystal rondelle beads of Cubic Zirconia but wasn't sure how to use them.  I adore cubic zirconia but was only familiar with the faceted style, which look and feel like gemstones.  So these smooth ones took awhile to get used to.  After fiddling around with them on and off for a few months, I finally tried stringing them together with larger satin finished sterling silver beads and voila!!  I was enchanted by how soft the look was, despite the fact that this was a mix of metal and very hard crystal.  By putting this mix on fine oxidized sterling chain, I added just that shot of contrast that I thought was needed, and I'm very happy with this simple, yet elegant, new design.....

Back to your regularly scheduled broadcast......

Thursday, February 20, 2014

When things slow down a little.....

....there are a few things I'd like to spend more time exploring here:

1.)  Cooking experiments
2.)  Orchid growing in the Northern Climes
3.)  New works in Emerald Green

I'm struggling to wrap up some other projects right now, so can only give a quick peek at some promising photos that I've begun for these ideas...and hoping that over the coming weekend, I can dig in a bit deeper!

And a weather update....frozen conditions turn to flooding conditions.....but maybe not for too long as it's going to turn really cold again, so then, we'll have icy conditions I guess?

Have a great Friday!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bingeing on Earrings.....

When I began my "adventure in metalwork" last summer, I gravitated to pins and pendants because whenever I DID try to create earrings with this approach (to formed and forged wire), the results as earrings seemed clunky.  But I kept trying and about a month ago, I was finally creating some shapes and forms that seemed more promising....I was so excited!  I think it's just been taking a LOT of practice to get this approach to really work for the "precise" ends I want to achieve, so today, I'm so happy to show of few of these new pieces that I decided did work well enough to put into my shop on Etsy....happy day!
Black Pearl plant shapes.
I have resolved two different designs so far.  The "leaf" or "plant" shapes are like many of the pins that I made earlier, the materials are just finer and smaller.
I look forward to trying this dangle design with different beads, different materials, different colors and different colors of metal.
Digging through my stash of older pearls and stones to find ovals, which has been fun, and of course, round shaped stones and beads are plentiful.
White pearls and this pair has already sold, yay!
But I had another "break through" in forms that seem to work with my metalwork, too!  Yesterday, I wrote about my "hoop" obsession, and guess what?  Hoops don't HAVE to be round!
This idea took a lot of tries to get all the parts to be as they should and to land where they must, so I need to keep working with it.  But here are a couple of ideas that seem to be going in the right direction.  They aren't very heavy at all, they seem to be very sturdy, and, well, it's kind of exciting!
Silver gray pearls on hoop earrings
Silver gray peacock freshwater pearls on hoop earrings
So of course, I keep going back to pearls because pearls are right near the top of my favorite materials of all.
Feather dangle earrings with purple amethysts
And in honor of the "earrings" section in my Etsy shop, which today reached the 100 mark, I also added a new version of my very popular "feather earrings" for women to wear when they are feeling just a little bit hippie or bohemian (showing my age, I know.)  I did an earlier version of this design in shades of turquoise and greenish blues with all natural stones and they have been quite a I thought I'd try them in shades of purple--natural amethyst--highlighted by some pretty amazing labradorite marquis, which have some surprising "flash" to them.

Finally, it DID snow here all afternoon so I'm hoping to try some snow photos tomorrow, since the word is our temps will get a little bit warmer, perhaps as hot at 27F....everything is relative....

Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

She's Gone Hoopy on Me.....

I've been making hoops for a long time now, and wrapping them with all sorts of things like beads, crystals, metal and stones for just as long.  But somehow, I don't get tired of it and when I launch into one of these "hoop fits" I tend to do several, just to see how they will look....

Red coral beads on gold filled hoops, small
 Sometimes, it's just that I've found such cool small beads that I want to try out each type, including recent finds of red coral, tiger eye and natural amber.
Natural Tiger Eye Stone beads on gold filled hoops, small
But recently, I invented a new design that reminds me of a zipper or a zig-zag.  It requires really small beads, 2 mm or smaller, so I don't have a big range of colors and stones available quite yet, but carnelian, garnets and adventurine have given me hoops in scarlet red, deep red and cool green to date.
Tiny Carnelian Stone beads on sterling silver hoops, small
Normally, the base for these hoops is forged of either sterling or gold filled to a size of between 1 and 1 1/4" diameter, and then the beads, etc. are bound to the hoop.  It's a design I like to wear because they are secure and don't fall out easily in winter, when I'm usually wrapped in a scarf (even in the house) or pulling on a coat or jacket (when I dare venture out, given the extreme weather we still endure here, mid February.)  So rather than complain about the new snowstorm due to start again here in the morning, I'll just close with a small collage of recent hoop designs for now.
Click this image to find a whole hoop collection in my Etsy Studio!
Happy "President's Day" to one and all and hope your weather is better than our weather!

Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Survive Winter.....or not?

I may have selective memory, but I don't recall this many days below freezing without a break.  We're into the zero and subzero realm again here, and the very basic tasks such as taking out recycling and garbage, or bringing in groceries, are a challenge, especially when the wind is blowing.  I'm impressed by how high the snow bank has gotten next to our walkway here-our little path to the garage and the dumpster.  I try to remind myself that February may be the longest month of all, because it follows the two before that were more of the same weather--we're talking about a full quarter of the year here!  No wonder it seems so long...

My spirits could be higher if I weren't facing these piles of accounting work, tax prep and other paperwork that's important, but oh so boring.  I need to knuckle down to be free of it (AKA get it finished already) so at least I can have a free mind and spirit to carry on with my new adventures in the studio.

I'm still experimenting with different shapes, colors and materials for my formed and forged metal pins and pendants.  I've just begun a new batch of earrings, rendered in this style, which should inspire me to clear the decks of all the "have to finish......" stuff so I can focus and keep this new thing going!!

Meanwhile, a peek at local coping mechanisms to survive the long winter:
Red Kitty believes he's a jungle cat!

Mariah loves to attack paper and shred it to bits

Purrmeister proves he's NOT afraid of that old vacuum cleaner, even if it is too loud

And Karen just keeps messing around with silver and copper and pretty beads.....we will all find a way to survive winter for a few more weeks.....

Thanks for dropping by and stay warm!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Orchids in the Winter

I've tended an orchid collection for around 8 or 9 years now, and as a long time gardener, this species of plant has the best, the very best, record for very lovely and welcomed flowers in the dead of winter.  Ironically, Pantone named "Radiant Orchid" as the 2014 "Color of the Year."  Lovers of shades of purple and fuchsia should be well served this year, when it comes to fashion and decor.....and I've always loved purple (I painted my room purple when I was old enough that Mom let ME choose, in grade school!) and using this color, in all its glorious shades and variations, has always suited me just fine.

So it's the dead of winter here, and one rather interesting discovery I've found about my new place is this:
 Yes, that's a skylight.  In fact, it's the skylight that I depend on for my photography here in my new set up.  And I've learned it's not actually very reliable when it snows too much, something that's been a simple fact of life here this winter.  I'm very happy when the snow melts...I wait it out when it's really dark up there (more on that at a later how a plant collection that's also dependent on the skylight is faring up there....)
 Yes, it's been a long winter.  I wish I could send some of our precipitation to my friends in California....

 My orchids have their own little humidity area, tented shelving and trays of rocks and water, except when I bring them out to do their blooming.  They are in one of the brightest north windows here, at the patio door.

In fact, the orchids, in winter, enjoy this view!!  Except today, I think the snow is at least a foot deeper than in the photo here.

But the orchids seem happy enough to be blooming for me, and the show is just beginning for Winter, 2014!
It's my experience in growing orchids, that the flowers actually come in a pretty wide range of colors, besides purple.  But yes, there are plenty of variations on the pinky-purple, fuchsia, purply pink range, such as is close to the Pantone color....

So, naturally, I'm happy to oblige.  I have a fairly big collection of pearls and other gems in this color range so as my adventures with wire proceed....'s as good an excuse as any to use it!

If you'd like a closer look at this series, visit my studio here.  If you'd like to examine any of the pieces I'm including here, click on the image to go to their page in my Etsy studio.

Hope you are all finding ways and means to keep warm and happy this winter!!  Thanks for stopping by!


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