Friday, February 21, 2014

Or "D"-None of the Above?
I'm just excited about this sort of unusual and accidental new necklace.  Last summer, I found these smooth clear crystal rondelle beads of Cubic Zirconia but wasn't sure how to use them.  I adore cubic zirconia but was only familiar with the faceted style, which look and feel like gemstones.  So these smooth ones took awhile to get used to.  After fiddling around with them on and off for a few months, I finally tried stringing them together with larger satin finished sterling silver beads and voila!!  I was enchanted by how soft the look was, despite the fact that this was a mix of metal and very hard crystal.  By putting this mix on fine oxidized sterling chain, I added just that shot of contrast that I thought was needed, and I'm very happy with this simple, yet elegant, new design.....

Back to your regularly scheduled broadcast......

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