Monday, February 17, 2014

Bingeing on Earrings.....

When I began my "adventure in metalwork" last summer, I gravitated to pins and pendants because whenever I DID try to create earrings with this approach (to formed and forged wire), the results as earrings seemed clunky.  But I kept trying and about a month ago, I was finally creating some shapes and forms that seemed more promising....I was so excited!  I think it's just been taking a LOT of practice to get this approach to really work for the "precise" ends I want to achieve, so today, I'm so happy to show of few of these new pieces that I decided did work well enough to put into my shop on Etsy....happy day!
Black Pearl plant shapes.
I have resolved two different designs so far.  The "leaf" or "plant" shapes are like many of the pins that I made earlier, the materials are just finer and smaller.
I look forward to trying this dangle design with different beads, different materials, different colors and different colors of metal.
Digging through my stash of older pearls and stones to find ovals, which has been fun, and of course, round shaped stones and beads are plentiful.
White pearls and this pair has already sold, yay!
But I had another "break through" in forms that seem to work with my metalwork, too!  Yesterday, I wrote about my "hoop" obsession, and guess what?  Hoops don't HAVE to be round!
This idea took a lot of tries to get all the parts to be as they should and to land where they must, so I need to keep working with it.  But here are a couple of ideas that seem to be going in the right direction.  They aren't very heavy at all, they seem to be very sturdy, and, well, it's kind of exciting!
Silver gray pearls on hoop earrings
Silver gray peacock freshwater pearls on hoop earrings
So of course, I keep going back to pearls because pearls are right near the top of my favorite materials of all.
Feather dangle earrings with purple amethysts
And in honor of the "earrings" section in my Etsy shop, which today reached the 100 mark, I also added a new version of my very popular "feather earrings" for women to wear when they are feeling just a little bit hippie or bohemian (showing my age, I know.)  I did an earlier version of this design in shades of turquoise and greenish blues with all natural stones and they have been quite a I thought I'd try them in shades of purple--natural amethyst--highlighted by some pretty amazing labradorite marquis, which have some surprising "flash" to them.

Finally, it DID snow here all afternoon so I'm hoping to try some snow photos tomorrow, since the word is our temps will get a little bit warmer, perhaps as hot at 27F....everything is relative....

Thanks for dropping by!


Ann said...

I like all of these and I especially like the feather dangle earrings

Grace said...

I love, love, love the new 'hoop' shape - the silver gray ones are going on my wish list!

WillOaks Studio said...

Thanks so much for the feedback, Ann and Grace!! I really appreciate it!

Lin said...

I really like your new metalwork, Karen. It's good to see you exploring and creating again. :)

BeadedTail said...

Your earrings are gorgeous! Love the purple ones!

WillOaks Studio said...

Thanks so much...I appreciate the feedback!


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