Sunday, February 16, 2014

She's Gone Hoopy on Me.....

I've been making hoops for a long time now, and wrapping them with all sorts of things like beads, crystals, metal and stones for just as long.  But somehow, I don't get tired of it and when I launch into one of these "hoop fits" I tend to do several, just to see how they will look....

Red coral beads on gold filled hoops, small
 Sometimes, it's just that I've found such cool small beads that I want to try out each type, including recent finds of red coral, tiger eye and natural amber.
Natural Tiger Eye Stone beads on gold filled hoops, small
But recently, I invented a new design that reminds me of a zipper or a zig-zag.  It requires really small beads, 2 mm or smaller, so I don't have a big range of colors and stones available quite yet, but carnelian, garnets and adventurine have given me hoops in scarlet red, deep red and cool green to date.
Tiny Carnelian Stone beads on sterling silver hoops, small
Normally, the base for these hoops is forged of either sterling or gold filled to a size of between 1 and 1 1/4" diameter, and then the beads, etc. are bound to the hoop.  It's a design I like to wear because they are secure and don't fall out easily in winter, when I'm usually wrapped in a scarf (even in the house) or pulling on a coat or jacket (when I dare venture out, given the extreme weather we still endure here, mid February.)  So rather than complain about the new snowstorm due to start again here in the morning, I'll just close with a small collage of recent hoop designs for now.
Click this image to find a whole hoop collection in my Etsy Studio!
Happy "President's Day" to one and all and hope your weather is better than our weather!


Ann said...

I like them all but the new design is very cool

Grace said...

I love hoop earrings - earrings are the only jewelry I wear - I am a bit of recluse but I always wear earrings. I have always coveted the trade-bead hoop earrings..but this design has great symmetry..

WillOaks Studio said...

Thank you, Ann!
Thank you, Grace and you can see more variations in my Etsy studio, when you're shopping for new earrings!

Unknown said...

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