Saturday, March 29, 2014

Go, go, go!! Lots of work.....

I'm not sure where the past month went, but I do know that I've been working pretty hard on orders, including some very challenging special orders.  It's also that time of year to finish all the accounting, file taxes and close the books on 2013.  I'm very close to being finished, yay!

I did write a blog post I was invited to submit to the website Birthstone Central as their "Shop of the Week."  Please hop over there and take a look! 

The idea was to give an overview of my work and how I got there....I had a very good time writing it and an even better time creating photo collages to illustrate some of my work with pearls.  Here's a little peek

I was invited to submit my story by Jayme, one of the artists involved with this site.  Jayme has a shop on Etsy and the main page for Birthstone Central is here   Jayme's Etsy shop is sports related things for kids....and I also learned she lives in Alaska--which is neat because I lived up there for around 8 years until the economy tanked locally there, and surviving as a working artist became too difficult for me....but I miss the place and hope I can visit this amazing state again some day.  Meanwhile, it's always fun to connect to folks up there in little ways....isn't the world wide web just amazing?!

Have a great weekend!

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Grace said...

Nice to get a feature piece like that. Spring is final creeping in here, hope it is where your too. Happy Spring.


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