Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taking the Wire a Little Further.....

As a working artist, I would explain my process as some mystical (tortured?!) fusion between a basic concept (idea or direction) and using the chosen materials.  Both sides of this equation tend to pull apart as often as they pull together.  So my current work with wire and mixed materials is a good example of this process.

On one hand, I started with the wire and a specific "need" in mind for a finished form...but this original impetus was abandoned as the wire itself, as a material, took its' own lead. 


As I began to see what might be possible, I began to see how I could gain more control and get the metal to conform more to what I'd like.  So while it's still give and take, there are two possibilities that are worth examining.  One is where the materials gain the upper hand and really do dictate the outcomes, sometimes pieces emerge that are nicely surprising.  The other is when I insist on getting to a certain outcome--sometimes it takes a few tries, but this is where persistence pays.


On another topic, the weather is a major current issue up here in the Midwest this winter, and in particular this week where we are below zero, again.  In my new place, I have a strange phenomena where what SHOULD be one of the warmest areas of this place....has skylights overhead!  So when temperatures are so far below freezing, all that heated air that floats up to the second floor is negated by the interior air that is cooled up in the skylights, is heavier, so floats downward, and so right now, it's kind of chilly up there.  Which explains the cats, all tangled together on their cat chair (which is under the skylight) doing what they must to keep warm. 

Thanks for stopping in and wherever you are, do keep warm!


Grace said...

Sculptors always say that the image is already in the stone and they just bring it out...So form follows substance/essence?

I've lived with skylights - not the best of roommates -

BeadedTail said...

Your pieces are beautiful! Love the cuddling kitties! :)

Lin said...

I swear that first photo is of the pin I just bought...which I LOVE, by the way! It is smaller than it appears in the photo--very delicate and lovely. I can't wait to wear it to work! Wore the necklace today. :)

Thanks for the beautiful work you do! Such a joy to get in this icky weather.

Keep warm, kitties!! Hobbes is permanently in front of the fire these days.

WillOaks Studio said...

You're right, Lin!! I kinda' did that on purpose, LOL!

WillOaks Studio said...

Maybe with stone-- that approach is more vague with wire, for me anyway =D. Yes, a design flaw upstairs here is the lack of ceiling fans--gotta' fix this!


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