Sunday, January 26, 2014

Drawing With Wire

One of the first ones, 2013
Actually, maybe these started more as "doodles with wire" as I was preparing to begin to learn Copper Enameling, had no idea what I'd be doing WITH the enameled pieces I was hoping to create.  I got this brainstorm about some kind of "pin-thing" that I could sort of dangle pieces from.....

Ha!  I never got close to doing this (yet.)  Instead, I got hypnotized with this act of bending  and moving the wire, and bending it more, and hammering on it, and on and on.....So as I mentioned in the post before this, I was caring for Dakota, prepping to leave for Maine, and running the campground even as I was fooling around with copper in preparation for my trip to Haystack.  And from the start, I was enamoured with this sort of zig-zag pattern.  As it evolved, I've come to call some of these pieces "rustic filigree" because of the lacy quality they can get, once there are a lot of loops.

But really, for some of these, I really think there was something about drawing (or doodling) with the wire.  I started to add pearls and other beads pretty early so eventually, I was making the "doodles" with an eye on fitting certain beads or other materials into some of the "loops."

I'm putting some images of the early efforts here....later, I'll show where this has gone since I've started this detour (or is it?  Hard to say when you're in the middle of something....) If a piece happens to be available, it will link to the listing.  If not available, please visit here to see what is new!

Not finished or resolved yet.  Kind of a break out piece but future unknown.
Thanks for stopping in and have a great day!


Grace said...

I love that these necklaces don't just dangle - but rather occupy space and yet seem light and loving this design.

WillOaks Studio said...

Great observation Grace! Thanks for that astute comment! I'm so in the middle of it all right now, it's hard to use words.

Lin said...

I bought one!! I can't wait to get it in the mail this week--I so need a pick-me-up with all this cold.

Beautiful new direction, Karen!

Ratty said...

You definitely have talent. These are each very beautiful.

WillOaks Studio said...

Thanks Lin & Ratty--I really appreciate your support!!


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