Thursday, February 6, 2014

Orchids in the Winter

I've tended an orchid collection for around 8 or 9 years now, and as a long time gardener, this species of plant has the best, the very best, record for very lovely and welcomed flowers in the dead of winter.  Ironically, Pantone named "Radiant Orchid" as the 2014 "Color of the Year."  Lovers of shades of purple and fuchsia should be well served this year, when it comes to fashion and decor.....and I've always loved purple (I painted my room purple when I was old enough that Mom let ME choose, in grade school!) and using this color, in all its glorious shades and variations, has always suited me just fine.

So it's the dead of winter here, and one rather interesting discovery I've found about my new place is this:
 Yes, that's a skylight.  In fact, it's the skylight that I depend on for my photography here in my new set up.  And I've learned it's not actually very reliable when it snows too much, something that's been a simple fact of life here this winter.  I'm very happy when the snow melts...I wait it out when it's really dark up there (more on that at a later how a plant collection that's also dependent on the skylight is faring up there....)
 Yes, it's been a long winter.  I wish I could send some of our precipitation to my friends in California....

 My orchids have their own little humidity area, tented shelving and trays of rocks and water, except when I bring them out to do their blooming.  They are in one of the brightest north windows here, at the patio door.

In fact, the orchids, in winter, enjoy this view!!  Except today, I think the snow is at least a foot deeper than in the photo here.

But the orchids seem happy enough to be blooming for me, and the show is just beginning for Winter, 2014!
It's my experience in growing orchids, that the flowers actually come in a pretty wide range of colors, besides purple.  But yes, there are plenty of variations on the pinky-purple, fuchsia, purply pink range, such as is close to the Pantone color....

So, naturally, I'm happy to oblige.  I have a fairly big collection of pearls and other gems in this color range so as my adventures with wire proceed....'s as good an excuse as any to use it!

If you'd like a closer look at this series, visit my studio here.  If you'd like to examine any of the pieces I'm including here, click on the image to go to their page in my Etsy studio.

Hope you are all finding ways and means to keep warm and happy this winter!!  Thanks for stopping by!


Grace said...

I'm quite taken with the skylight photo - it looks like there are butterflies (or fairies) flitting through what appears to be shrubbery...a garden photo on the roof!

WillOaks Studio said...

Actually, those are bird footprints sort of melted into the snow up there!! I was amused by this bit of wildlife action living in town now as I do!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Karen, I took a similar pic this AM of the ice crystals on our upstairs window...pretty,,but really brutal...schools,work places still closed...I am on Instagram under 'amylikesjack'...orchids and jewelry look beauteous!!!!

Lin said...

Do you water them with the ice cube method? I just started that and I hope mine will bloom again. Someone told me to just drop an ice cube or two in the pot and put it in a sunny window. I hope it works--yours are beautiful!


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