Friday, June 15, 2012

Couple of Cool Updates

 Maybe it's the stark black and white?  Maybe it's that intense stare?  I've heard comments that Purrmeister looks a bit demonic.  I'm his mom, I can't really see it.  What do any of my readers think?  Does he look evil?

I do know that he has mastered the weighted, egg shaped tippy toy that has a hole which dispenses treats--IF--it's tipped just right.  So cute.  He bats at it.  Then puts his nose to the floor all around, looking for the reward. Then bats at it again.  Stops and looks again.  There's something about this new "Friskies Party Snack" that all the cats seem to find so addictive.  But only Purrmeister is willing to WORK for his reward!

And HERE is the best I can do for a close up of the insect that made up that swarm I was amazed by a few days ago here.  The bug sits on the bathroom mirror which is why there are two perspectives--top and bottom.  And it's so pure white, it was really hard to get more than a silhouette because the details are just washed away!!  I still do not know what it IS!!  It's pretty though....And since that earlier story, I do see them swarming in the evening around the same part of the pond although their numbers seem diminished.  I'm thinking many of them have become bird, frog and fish food!

And it was a lovely birthday, so far.  I think we can stretch it out a few more days as the sisters and brothers are all here at the campground now so at some point, probably Saturday, we'll eat cake!!  Thanks for all the kind thoughts.  Kinda' takes the edge off getting older, ya' know?  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I think he looks kinda sweet...

Duni said...

Happy belated Birthday, Karen!! I trust you had a wonderful time with your family and friends. It was my husband's birthday yesterday, so we're still in party mood :)
Purrmeister has grown into a very handsome mancat! Very impressive!
The all white insect looks interesting!
have a wonderful weekend, best wishes, Duni

Ann said...

Purrmeister look evil? I don't think so at all. I think he looks very sweet and I love that picture

Lin said...

Noooo! Purrmeister is a sweetie!!

Are those mayflies?

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely birthday! I don't think he looks evil at all! But then I love black kitties & have had a few in my life. Weird bug- anything swarming is gross to me!

WillOaks Studio said...

Purrmeister was so happy to hear you all like his graphic good looks!! Thanks for all the great comments!


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