Saturday, June 23, 2012

The New, Improved Lovely Clusters!

I discovered Lovely Clusters almost 2 years ago and it just keeps getting better.  What is Lovely Clusters, you ask?  It's an amazing blog and curated showcase of beautiful handmade artisan creations all pulled together by the blogger and designer Rachel Follett.

For an overview that you can get "lost in," wander over to her "catalog collection" and pick one, any one, for page after page of lovely collections, colors, layouts and all thoughtful aspects of presenting beautiful handmade pieces by lots of different artists and shops on Etsy.

A page capture of this week's 6 featured artists on the home page of Lovely Clusters

The newest addition to her showcase blog is what I might call "an even brighter spotlight on featured artists."  And I was honored to be chosen as one and had a collection of my pieces beautifully featured the past week.  And I really mean "featured" as the newest change to Lovely Clusters includes 6 artists chosen to be featured weekly, and this includes, for each artist,
  • LC home page with a link to your LC seller page
  • LC seller page (stays on site for one year) which includes
    •  featured image
    •  short bio
    •  28 most recent items from your Etsy site
  • LC favorites (sidebar of site)
  • Etsy treasury 
  • plus all the exposure provided by the amazing numbers listed below, for the newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and, of course, the blog itself.
A page capture of my own featured artist page on Lovely Clusters

So art lovers, shoppers and collectors---feast your eyes on Lovely Clusters here.  And artists and artisans--do consider submitting your work to Lovely Clusters for consideration, if this aesthetic pleases you & suits your work!!  Last I heard, Rachel has the following amazing numbers following LC
  • weekly e-newsletter (900+ subscribers)
  • featured seller blog post  (6000+ subscribers, 4000+ followers) 
  • pinterest page (100,000+ followers) 
  • twitter page (1900+ followers)
  • facebook page (3000+ likes)

Final note--remember how much I like numbers??  Well, I've been ignoring it for awhile, but today, 6-23-2012, I finally hit 1000 sales in my Etsy shop.  Nice round number, eh?  One thousand...

Hope your weekend is really great!!  Thanks for visiting!


Rachel Follett said...

Thank you so much for mentioning the new site! Much appreciated and glad to have your beautiful shop a part of Lovely Clusters. :)

Grace said...

That is a well made site. Really nice presentation big, clear photos, links open quickly - well done to them, well done to you.

(Would you consider taking down the word verification - the new ones are quite unreadable - I had to refresh 3 times and put my nose to the screen to make it out.)

Lin said...

WOWIE!! Congrats on the 1000!!

Do you know what this week is????? ;)
I can't wait!!


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