Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wednesday for Treasuries

Remember how I used to get all excited about Etsy treasuries*? Well, then they sort of got all watered down because they weren't difficult to get anymore--anyone can make them any time and a very tiny handful of chosen artists and treasury makers eventually run on the Etsy front page...same ones, day after day after day.

But never mind that! I find my work in a lot of them even if they don't get seen beyond Etsy, so I just discovered a new way to show them here on my blog, a million times easier than in the old days of screen shots, copy, crop and upload/paste.

It's a widget created through Craft Cult and I think with some practice, I can eventually get the size and placement a little better, but this is a good beginning!! When I ran a search tonight to figure out what my choices were, they gave me 100 to choose from that include my work. That sort of put a spring in my step, if you know what I mean (Sally Fields moment: They like me, they really like me!)

So I picked the most recent one: "Chartreuse"-- it is a color I just adore! You'll see some other new work using this color in my new pearls here soon. Meanwhile, my new cuff is on the bottom row, furthest on the left, in case you didn't catch it! Enjoy!

*"Etsy Treasuries: curated collections that anyone can pull together for show and tell. Usually, they include the work of 16 different artisans or other Etsy shops that all revolve around some theme, concept, color, look or? The unifying principle can be simple or very elaborate. They are a very fun place to browse some of the best of Etsy shopping!"


Anonymous said...

LOVE that color...especially paired with bright white. I know, I feel the same about treasuries, but hey, whether they're different, special, or not, at least you're still in them!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful treasury, isn't it great that there are tools to make it a bit easier to share them? Yay for that, lol. I'm a new follower stopping by from Aquariann's blog hop.

CereusArt said...

stunning treasury.

found ya on aquariann's Autumn Blog Hop :)


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