Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Love Pearls (part 85)

OK, so maybe I haven't actually posted 84 times before about pearls, but since it is one of my favorite materials and favorite topics, who's counting??

My new series of fresh water pearl bib necklaces includes the newest in an evolution of this design that I can't seem to get away from and I believe I keep making better and better.

The newest incarnation builds on where I last worked on this design last Spring. I've since discovered even more interesting rings and other links to connect the pearl cluster to the adjustable ribbon and have found more colors of pearls in different sizes to broaden these choices. I still use artisan dyed and hand made silk ribbons which aren't just beautiful in their own right, but allow adjustments to exactly what length the pearl cluster is worn at--making these distinctive original designs very versatile.

I just installed a good number of these front and center in my new show in Barrington! I spent all day there putting an installation (ok, a display) together and will need to go back to tweak things, to add printed text signs, and to do some photos--my iPhone photos are abysmal. But the show is up all of October so knowing me, the odds are good I'll keep changing and adding as things go on. Well, selling would be nice too, lol! Pictures to come (I hope) next week.

Have a great weekend, all!!


Anonymous said...

I've never been a pearl person but those are marvelous colors.

Janet Bocciardi said...

Oh gosh me too! And who wouldn't fall in love with these necklaces! The colors are yummy!

randomcreative said...

Your new necklaces are gorgeous! I think that the design keeps getting better, too. Good luck with your new show!

Lin said...

O M G! The purple one!!! Sigh. I LOVE the ribbon with the pearls. To die for!!

juditsd said...

I'm not a pearl type, but these are so gorgeous!:)


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