Saturday, September 11, 2010

Something about trees

detail of bark from a really large crepe myrtle tree in the arboretum

Jesse Morrisey


kozo fiber, cast bronze, cast iron, steel, sassafrass

Mark Iwinski
Monstrum with Coda; Ulmus Americana
Old growth stump print, wood block ink on Kozo paper

The past week was spent preparing for and then going to Eastern Carolina University where I gave a talk, juried a show with another artist, and became reacquainted with artists who teach and work in the area. A major printmaking symposium was getting started there during our paper making event.

I'm pretty ragged right now--travel sometimes does that to me--so I'm putting up some photos that hint at a few more to come as the week progresses and I get re-energized to talk a little bit more about this project.

My first impression of Greenville this trip in was via my flight in as we flew over the area and then landed. Most plentiful were the tops of green trees as far as I could see-it looked luscious! Up close, trees and plant forms also figured in some of the artwork that was part of the paper making and the printmaking events and I chose 2 neat examples here. And on my last day in the area, I went over to Raleigh with a friend and we spent time wandering the fantastic arboretum there as the day was fading.

More later!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just nice to take time to be inspired by a new place. Glad you're getting the chance to do that!

Ann said...

As enjoyable as a trip can be, it can also be exhausting. It's always nice to get back home again. Looking forward to hearing more about it

VanillaSeven said...

Love to see how creative they can do with trees!

Carey Lynn said...

you know i can't resist a title like SOMETHING ABOUT TREES!!! bes ure to catch my blog series on American Hardwoods..up next: Poplar

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Love that Crepe Myrtle bark. Don't recall that I've ever seen that tree.


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