Saturday, September 4, 2010

Return of the Night-blooming Cereus

Saturday night-Sunday morning bud just before opening

I love how the bud changes from so solid to looking quite hollow just as it begins to open

The lower bud opened Friday night and I missed it.
But it has held up post bloom due, I think, to cooler than normal temperatures

Flash photos made Saturday night as the buds began to open.

Collage of night images made with a flash as the current buds are opening.

It's that special time of year again. Time for my alien cacti from Tuscon to produce their annual flowers.

Last year, I posted about these special blooms
, each open only for one night, that these special cacti create. And also last year, I created the music, video and photo collage about these amazing plants featuring music by my niece.

I don't know what I did different this year, except maybe some extreme benign neglect, because both of my plants have serious multiple buds-not just two or three. And tonight, two blooms are opening on one plant at the same time.

This year, it's been difficult to photograph because I hauled them out to the campground. Blooming on the deck at my house meant they were out of sight and out of mind. Here, in spite of unseemly 45 degree weather, we are keeping watch. However, trying to snap flash photos when all that shows through the viewfinder is pure solid black....until the flash goes quite impossible, really. OK, so it illustrates the event, but the quality of the photos, on all levels, isn't up to par. But enjoy, anyway, this special annual plant happening! Happy Labor Day!


Chin chin said...

I've never seen cacti that bloom flowers like that. It really looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Marg said...

Those are gorgeous. I have heard of those blossoms but never seen one. So we are excited in seeing pictures which I am sure is hard to do.
Have a great Sunday.

Nancy said...

Wow, I DO think they are pretty good photos for snapping them in the dark! I remember last year's post too! How incredible.

Grace said...

Cacti are pretty interesting plants - these are lovely...

Ann said...

Such pretty cacti and look at all those blooms.

Silvergirl said...

wow i just seen the cacti flower.. very nice buds

Jen said...

This is so cool, this is the second one i have seen today and before that I had never heard of them. I love the internet!

ArtSnark said...

How have you been, my friend. Your photos are wonderful as always. Off to see what you have been up to this summer. Take care :D

Sharkbytes said...

Karen- That is an amazing plant. I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for sharing its beauty with us.

sandy petals said...

What did you feed your NBC?
It is beautiful.

BlogTactic said...

nice photo



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