Thursday, September 2, 2010

News & Notes

Open Heart Pendant, 2009 (sold)

new Open Heart earrings to coordinate with pendant
private commission

Lots of things are always happening here at the old WillOaks Campground and last week included quite a nice surprise. My jewelry business rarely intersects with my campground duties, but a couple of campers (& friends) who had stayed with us last year showed up. They had purchased a couple of my one-of-a-kind neck pieces last year and decided that coordinated earrings were going to be their next order.

I really enjoyed seeing my older piece again. The "Open Heart" pendant was a part of a larger series of pieces that I had made in early 2009 and it was challenging, but a lot of fun, to create this pair of earrings to go with it.

With Fall coming, my Made With Silk line will soon feature richer, darker colors

Mille fiori (thousand flower) glass is a personal favorite that I've used different ways in my
pieces and this fall, a new bracelet features this mixed with bright crystals in multi-colors

My friend also decided to pick up some new pieces to wear this fall and winter. Above is a coordinated long silk and pearl piece, in shades of dark blue, with coordinated earrings. A cuff style bracelet in colorful Mille Fiori glass that's been strung on fine black leather is a piece she chose to add for just that welcome shot of bright color during the shorter, darker days coming now. I've just finished coordinated earrings that will be mailed to her tomorrow.

And then, I asked her to model a few of my other new pieces for photos, including this new bracelet in red and black that I call "Wild Thing." I showed this piece in last week's Wordless Wednesday all stretched out and it's posted in my shop now.

So just a few other quick notes regarding my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday. Yes, I have driven the Ford tractor that I showed, Grace. I bought it about 6 years ago from a local guy who is very good at fixing and restoring these "antique" but working machines. But the reason it's all cleaned up for this photo is it's going up for sale. You see, we just bought a bigger, more powerful Massey Ferguson tractor, slightly younger (1966) with a Front Loader, which will be a huge addition to what we can do around the farm as far as improvements go.

And the drawing I showed yesterday was by my young nephew who visited me, together with his little sister, over the past weekend/early week. The campground is such a fun place for kids that I was pleased and surprised when these two slowed down enough to really get into using their art supplies. And I was very happy with the pieces they made to leave with Aunt Karen!


Ann said...

The jewelry is all beautiful. Good luck on the sale of the tractor.

Lin said...

I'm just really sad that we didn't get there to camp this summer. We didn't have a weekend to spare it seems. Sigh. Next year.....we always have next year.

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

Gorgeous jewellery, as always, sweetie! I LOVELOVELOVE the Open Heart pieces.. WOW! Have a wonderful weekend :) Love, keiara xox

shopgirl101 said...

Hi, Brookeamanda here. Visiting from Tribal Blogs! You've got some amazing pieces. I love handmade jewelry:)

shopgirl101 said...

Hi, Brookeamanda here. Visiting from Tribal Blogs! You've got some amazing pieces. I love handmade jewelry:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Busy, busy, as always. How wonderful to have the opportunity for your two "jobs" to collide:)


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