Monday, July 19, 2010

For the Birds....

A few weeks ago, I watched a tiny wren diligently moving bits of twigs and grass into a convenient hole in the bumper of the camper next door to mine. These birds chose to use the dog's water dish for a bird bath. So I got my trusty old copper birdbath from the house garden and installed it on a power pole beside the new wren home.

Here's the bumper where I trust babies are growing up in that nest. I don't go too close right now as I don't want to upset the parents and I hope to see a family in due time, when they are ready to fly. Meanwhile, I marveled at the tiny size of these feathered friends and was amazed to watch them carry bits into the hole to build their nest.

On a sadder note, early this evening I stumbled upon this baby robin sitting in the grass near a few large evergreens. I cannot spot his nest nor have I noticed the parents nearby, but I sense they must be around the area. I hated to leave the little fellow as night was falling and I hope he's OK come morning. I hope the parents find him and continue to feed him as it seems he's too small to fly yet or to find food for himself. When I dashed in to google what to do about baby birds, I realized there was no way that I would be able to feed and raise him....that would just be way over the top in a camper with a cat and a dog!!

In a broader sense, WillOaks Campground is a vibrant bird sanctuary with so many species either passing through, or staying around and calling it home. So I guess it is inevitable that sooner or later, a bird drama or two would unfold. Fortunately, it's mid week and there aren't many tenters around to disturb this little guy so maybe he's got a chance if the parents return at day light? I can only hope they do.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you kind? Yes, you are! Also that is one heck of a nice birdbath!

Ann said...

Love that birdbath. I can't believe what a small space those birds are able to build a nest in. I hope the little robin makes it. I can only imagine the antics Purrmeister would come up with if you were trying to care for a baby bird

Marg said...

Great birdbath. The birds around here take their baths in the water dish I have out for the kitties in the back part of the yard. So I have to change it a lot. Glad you birdies have some nice water.
Have a great day or evening.

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

I can't believe that baby birds don't "fry" in some of the places that their parents make nests. When I was growing up, our fence posts were made from discarded water pipe and the birds always nested in them and the babies thrived.

Sharkbytes said...

Lovely birdbath. You are very kind.


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