Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Summer Visions)

Luxurious displays by Mother Nature!
As an addendum to yesterday's post about the grounded baby robin: he was no longer on the ground when I got back to check mid morning and no signs of bird damage!! We hope that somehow, he rejoined his parents as there was no evidence of him left but some baby bird poops where he had been grounded--and nary a stray feather!


Marg said...

Those are gorgeous flowers which are really fun to see. Everything is dying down here from all the heat and no rain.
Hope it is cool up there.
Have a great day.

Grace said...

that's a helluva lot of green!

Gee said...

hi! the flowers are so lovely, I'm breathless

here's my post :

Ann said...

It must be like heaven on earth being surrounded by all that prettiness :) Good news about the baby bird

Eric said...

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