Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bright and New, a New a Front Page!

First, a new treasury-
Cool Fern Glade
A few of my favorites
Ahhhh, the cool sense of greens-a beautiful new treasury that posted Saturday and curated by PattyDrake of PattyDrake Photography. I just love green, as you may have noticed and somehow, this collection really moved me when I visited her treasury page in person. You can visit, too, by clicking on the image...and Patty has a really lovely collection of manipulated photo images and fine art photography in her shop. I urge you to drop by and visit her shop, today!

Then, some new pieces-
Bright and New
As inventory of my first "Pearls and Silk" rainbow dwindles, I decided to try a new and different version of this fun and spring/summer palette. The concept is very similar to my first version, but the pearls are a bit smaller, a bit brighter and there are more of them! The price remains the same, too...for now at least! Hey, for $20 you can't even get a nice bright new blouse most days...and this piece will probably be worn much more often. Click on the image for a closer look and more information about any of these new pieces.

Hooo boy, every so often I go just a tad overboard and here is a good example of that. I ADORE all shades of turquoise, teal and aqua and put a collection together here that is such a rich collection. And besides the lovely pearls....I have lampworked glass beads, Czech pressed glass, mille fiore (thousand flower) Italian style glass and a bit of dyed quartz. No where else on earth can one find this sort of collection on one long silken chain to be worn as a very versatile piece.

And the final "bright and new" I'm sharing today is a continuation of my more simple silk and pearls series but features a lovely bright golden yellow in nice large, glossy 8mm pearls. I'm always on the lookout for neat pearls to use in this format so these little editions will continue to be made, to sell out and then new ones will pop up to replace the ones that have run out. Fun, eh??

All of these pieces and many more can be found in the section "Made With Silk" in my Etsy shop.

And last, but not least-
WillOaks Studio on the Etsy Front Page 4/10/10

Finally, I mentioned a couple of days ago my inclusion in a lovely "Linger in Lavender" Treasury curated by Samantha of SamsPaintbrush. Well, I had a hunch this one just might be front page material...and sure enough, while I was away from the computer and the studio on Saturday evening, it was right there, on the Etsy front page!! I learned about it after the fact but that was still wonderful news! Here's a screen shot I got of the hour's duration! And what a gas, the earrings sold (they have been a "best seller" for well over a year now for me) and I think I was "discovered" by quite a few other shoppers...time will tell!

So have a wonderful Sunday, everyone. I hope the weather is as nice for all as we've got here for a change...yes, it really does finally feel like Spring!!


randomcreative said...

Congrats Karen! So many wonderful things to celebrate. :)

And I especially like the new turquoise piece!

Ann said...

I am loving the greens in that treasury. Your turquoise pieces are fabulous, that color has always been a favorite of mine.
congrats on the front page and the sale.

threadsofmagique said...

Congratulations on making the front page! Love all your collections, especially the aqua blue. Simply lovely!

Anonymous said...

I am in Love, Love, Love everything in the 3 "Bright and New" collections - Swooning!

Lanita said...

These are absolutely beautiful pieces!


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