Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dark and New, and a Pop Quiz (actually, a Poll)

The last few pieces I'm sharing here could be considered pretty dark when compared with the lighter, brighter crocheted silk creations I showed the past couple of days. I've admitted before I do wear's one of those artist things...and I'll do it regardless of the season except when it's 100 degrees in the shade, of course. I really do like how this collection of "dark with greenish tints" collection came together. I actually titled it "Deep Forest Green Pearl and Silk...."

So yes, here it is, almost basic black. The earlier version posted here had a different feeling to it but I only had 4 and sold 3 and kept one for myself. The new one features fewer, but larger, pearls and they are mixed with a neat collection of black Czech pressed glass It's all pulled together with black silk--while the earlier one used dark charcoal.

Well, I've been wearing one now for a few days (including to an art gallery opening Saturday night), and besides the wonderful comments, I honestly forget to take it off at night because in this whole series, with the silk chain, it's very easy to forget you're even wearing anything around your neck. And being the comfort monger that I've become (not always an easy mix with vanity!) to me, this is one of the greatest aspects of this whole Made with Silk series.

OK, so now the pop quiz, I mean poll. I'm exploring some new structures for bracelets including this design which is made to be slipped over the hand, then sort of snugged up to the wrist by sliding these special knots to tighten the leather. This one looked good, but was probably too heavy with lampworked glass and sterling I'm reworking the idea now in different ways and materials, including these cool wooden beads I have found.

Which brings me to my "tell me what you like to wear" question. Bracelets come in many styles and I'd love to hear which, if any, my readers here actually wear? Lately, these wrap pieces--which end up looking like cuffs--have dominated my shop. Earlier, I've done looser ones with either a "charm bracelet" approach or a multi-strand, but not snug fitting, approach. I also really like to find big, pretty stones and link them together with silver for a simple, bold look.

And frankly, I get excited about any one of these different structures or forms...but that is only from the perspective of MAKING them....I just wonder, what do folks actually like to wear?? So do tell, please? I'm just so curious to hear about this....and don't worry, if you don't wear any at any times...that's fine and you're free to say so!! And if you don't like bracelets? That's fine, I'd like to hear that, too. Consider this a contribution to my continuing education and....

Thanks so much! Have a great Monday!


Grace said...

As much as I wear a lot of black I don't wear "black" jewelry. I prefer something colorful to off-set the black. Personal taste? I prefer the dark pearls of the earlier series - green is just not my color.

As to bracelets, I like them but I wear large heavy ones - huge silver cuffs, chunky chains. I have big hands and I use them a lot - so anything delicate doesn't stand a chance on me.

Thanks for letting me admire and appreciate without the guilt of not wanting...

I really need to decide on one of the pearl necklaces in the lighter colors - so many please my eye.

Lenox Knits said...

I think you have now sold me on buying a silk and pearl necklace of my own. I love things that you hardly know are there.
I'm not big on bracelets for the very reason that it's hard to not have them getting in my way. I have little hands and they tend to slide around annoying me all day. I prefer cuff types but they have to be comfortable. Hope that helps and now I'm off to pick out my silk necklace before you run out of all of them!

Ann said...

First of all I like the dark colors. There is just something about black. As for bracelets, I don't wear them often but I do have a few. I have one that's more along the lines of a cuff bracelet but my others are mainly simple chain with small stones. I really like the new design you're working on though

Glenna Frazier said...

Hi Karen,
Once again, absolutely beautiful.

juditsd said...

I'm a big fan of your jewelry!

I wear many kind of jewelry, big and bold, chunky, artsy, unique... and sometimes just a very small, modest delicate piece.. I don't like boring "mainstream" jewelry. (and I don't wear gold)
I like black and I like colorful - I'm impulsive:)
I think I was not a big help...:)

randomcreative said...

As I'm sure you can probably tell from my shop, I enjoy a wide variety of jewelry both for wearing and making. I have items from almost every section of my shop in my personal collection.

Hot Rocks said...

I love your dark designs, very dramatic! As you probably know from my own designs, I like to wear, bracelets and necklaces, that are unique, bold, chunky, funky, sparkly and eye catching. I love color, but also wear a lot of neutral jewelry like gray, black, silver & brown as they tend to work with almost anything in my wardrobe. I am open to almost anything in jewelry design, other than small, boring and mass produced!

Duni said...

The black pearl series looks so shiny and luscious! I wear mainly earrings - all colours, silver, gold or bronze earwires. As much as I love bracelets I have difficulty finding any that fit, since my wrists are so skinny. The 'normal' length of 19 cm simply falls off :(


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