Thursday, April 8, 2010

Behind My Back...& a Treasury

Many of the gardens here are just a riot of daffodils right now. So these are the photos I was taking when I got distracted by that "sky scene" yesterday!

I planted many of these just 6 autumns ago and I'm a little stunned by how quickly they have multiplied into clumps where just one bulb was originally planted.

Some drifts are eclectic "odd lots" and others have more consistency--I cannot remember the method to my madness then. I do wonder if I should plan to dig up some of the areas this fall in order to spread the bulbs out before they get much too crowded?

I just love these with the apricot or peach colored centers-
-and the frillier the better!

And these are of the division "Poeticus" a label I always found alluring just because the name is so suggestive.

Daffodils seem to do very well here. Ironically, I planted nearly as many tulips at the same time. And while many of these will be showing up later in the season...most of them were munched by the deer. Apparently, deer won't eat daffodils so I'm sticking with them!

Meanwhile, over on Etsy:


What a great theme AND color!! I just adore lavender (the plant and the color) and the scent is one of my very favorites. When I lived out west it was quite easy to grow it as bushes; here in the Midwest, it's mostly heartbreaking as the plants often just don't make it through winter. At any rate, this treasury captures much of the best using the word lavender as a jumping off point. They are subtle, by my lavender glass and pearl earrings are in the lower center--earrings that have been one of my best sellers for well over a year now, I'm happy to say! Please stop by this treasury and take a closer look....and leave a comment if possible!! Many thanks!

This treasury was curated by Samantha of SamsPaintbrush, who, as her shop name suggests, is a painter! Many of her works are small in scale but very large in vision and vista--do take a look!! She's also a blogger - The Journey of SamsPaintbrush

And finally, I've begun posting a whole new collection of "Made with Silk" pieces that have been more or less in progress for a couple of weeks now (in between filling orders, yay!) In many of them, I'm including more than just pearls. There are quite a few new pieces and they will be listed a few at a time all through the weekend. By the snowed here again Thursday-just a dusting-and the night will be below freezing so I wonder what the gardens will look like Friday?? Have a great Friday!!


Beadwright said...

Amazing photos and a treasury that is great!!!

Grace said...

daffodils and tulips, yes some of the prettiest flowers that grow. When will the lilac trees start blooming - mmmm, love those lilacs and their heavenly aroma. I like hyacinths for the same reasons. Matter of fact, the flowers on both are very similar - could they be related?

Ann said...

the daffodils are so pretty, I especially like the ones with the peach colored center. It sounds like you are keeping yourself very busy with orders.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Wow! Are they beautiful or what.

Mom said...

Daffodils are my absolute favorite flowers. Thanks for the pictures. They brightened my day.


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