Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Italian Food)

Olives on the tree

Bacon and more....


VanillaSeven said...

I love to cook with olive oil :)


Anna said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you for visiting and commenting on my lastest RT-post with the rose hip-bracelet.
It seems that several readers have memories attached to rose hip tea. If you have lived in Alaska, you were on the same latitude as where I am now, here in Sweden.
I don't make tea, although I do drink it sometimes. But I eat rosehip-soup, which is slightly thicker than tea. Have you ever had rosehip-jam on your buttered toast? My maternal grandmother taught me how to make it. They are sticky-prickly to pick and you need alot of them, so I don't do it every year.
I will let you know if I make a batch this year. (That won't be until august-september.) You might like to try it.
I will continue with my rose hip jewellery on Tuesdays for RT. I am learning from you to post works in progress and get reactions. But I have very little time to follow through, I am afraid. Everything seems to take three or four times as long to do.
Your new avatar and ads for the silk & pearl-line are lovely, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Mmm - the piggy video doesn't play - says it a "private" video. Hunting truffles were they?

ArtSnark said...

Love the olive tree photo

I've a blog award for you. If you want it, click here

Poetic Shutterbug said...

LOL! Okay I just couldn't stop laughing over the video and your Bacon title. Those pigs seem to like each other alot or do I just happen to have a dirty mind today :D

When I saw Italy and food in the title, my mouth began watering. Olive oil was the best creation known to man and next to Chianti :)

Ann said...

not what I was expecting from your post title but entertaining all the same....lol I've got this sudden craving for a BLT

Auntie E said...

Love the Olives on the tree. i haven't seen an olive tree with olives
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