Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Treasury Time!

Yay, one of my silk crocheted pieces made it into a "Spring Colors" treasury!! Perfect placement, in my mind, because these chartreuse colors smack of Spring for me....and you can see many shades of greens and references to flowers and growth....Click on the image to go to the Etsy page for a closer look...(it's like a "vote") and leave a comment if you're able!

Momgen used a piece of my work in a treasury before, so this time, I'll link you to her blog--she's got a shop full of craft materials. Have I mentioned how many of the "bits and bobs" for use in my pieces I buy from Etsy shop owners? Well, it's true, I do! Sometimes, it's because the selection is better than the "big shops" and other times, it's about great prices.

So I'm glad there was some good news because I had a tough day. Mainly, the glitch was I apparently left some light or something on in my car. I was going out to deliver my new orders to the post office with little time to spare....and my battery was stone dead. Ho boy....parked in my garage, no less. A dear friend came over with his son and they managed to push it out in spite of some frozen snow drifts sort of making the way rough. We were able to jump start it. But by the time I got to the post office, I had missed the last pick up, sigh.

And what about this Toyota mess? I must confess, I owned a Toyota truck for over 14 years and I just loved that vehicle. I'm a huge fan of this company. I was sort of embarrassed watching a bit of the grilling the head of the company got on "the hill" today. I realize it's a lot of grandstanding on the part of the politicians looking for face time...and I realize this is an issue that requires serious attention, but as a student of the Japanese culture (I've traveled there, studied and done research there, hosted their exchange students here, taken Japanese language classes, etc.) the apparent rudeness of "the American way" Mr. Toyoda was spoken to was extremely jarring to my ears and sensibility. In typical American fashion...there seemed to be little sense of cultural sensitivity or awareness...or maybe it's just another example of the extreme rudeness and lack of civility that seems to pervade Washington and politics these days? I find it all pretty upsetting and it does embarrass me, as an American.


momgen said...

Thank you for posting the treasury here and link to my blog. I also have a toyota truck and hubby have 21 years but he decided to sell it because its getting older and some problems occur. Anyway, thanks...

VanillaSeven said...

About the Toyota. I think its best to wait for awhile to see the review of those using it rather than grab the first edition of the car that just being launched.

Split Rock Ranch said...

What a beautiful Treasury!

What is UP with all the recalls lately on vehicles?! I think civility is hard to find in Washington DC these days. They seem to be pretty full of themselves and not at all in touch with "the real world" the rest of us live in.

Anonymous said...

Looked at the treasury and none as nice as yours!

Ann said...

I'm with Grace, I liked yours the best. Your piece is the perfect color to go with that treasury


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