Monday, February 22, 2010

New Ad Designs

New Blog Avatar

New Etsy Ad for the "Made With Silk" series

My pretty new rock! Mainly, a new photo prop.

Trial layouts, experiments for new ad designs.

I'd be curious to see what you guys think about these new "tiny ads." That's what I call the 125 pixel square--tiny, very tiny. Earlier, I didn't list all the photos that I was fooling around with of my new series and I also didn't show photos of a new beautiful rock I was recently given....yes, you read that right, a rock. A druzy, to be precise. A white druzy. Why do I feel like I'm speaking a foreign language here? It's kind of a goofy word that my friend said means "tiny crystals."

Anyway, the two self-selected ad "winners" are up top. The "druzy" portrait is next down. And a few new "runner ups" after that....whew, I'm exhausted!! These computer days wear my eyes out more than working at my jewelry bench (yes, time for an eye exam!)


fullet said...

Beautiful work! I like all these ads, it must be difficult to choose one or two. It's great fun to design little ads or images for a post, time flies by when I work on them.

Anna said...

Lovely silk & pearls, great ads. You have so much going for you, Karen!
I am always learning something from you!
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Yes the two tops ones I like best - with all the necklaces laid out in the lower ones it looks to busy and crowded.

Ann said...

That's a doozy of a In other words, beautiful rock. I like the new ads too.

randomcreative said...

I really like the new ads. They're well laid out and very colorful! :)

Sam said...

I like the very first add up top "Behind the Gallery View" :)

biologie said...


I like the mini ad with the pearls laid out in a circle. They are pleasing to my eye - circles draw my eye "in", I guess. The one that says Pearls & Silk is my favorite. Just looks better that way, imo.

Thanks for asking our opinions. All the ads look great though - your hard work paid off!

BeadedTail said...

Pretty ads! I like the top two the best. The ones with a lot of them looks like a supplier's ad instead of the creator's ad.

randomcreative said...

One more comment here:

I have been given the Sunshine Award and I have decided to pass it onto you!

to receive your award just go to my blog and copy it over :)

Split Rock Ranch said...

I love your new silk and pearl jewelry! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile. The foster kittens are taking up a LOT of time. Louise got the upper respiratory infection that's going around at the shelter and she's one sick little kitten right now. Love your new ads, too, by the way. And I am a HUGE fan of druzy rocks! I have several druzy pendants, too.

Anonymous said...

The second and third image aren't showing up for me, but I do agree with you that the first is the best (of the ones I can see). The beads are larger there, and with their more singular appearance and scale in that photo they catch the eye first. In the other photos I look at your store name first, which is important, but I think work draws more clicks than names:)

Clara said...

I'm crazy about your new ads! The silk and pearls jewelry is so beautiful. You're a very talented lady!


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