Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cat Antics Sequence

Here's Purrmeister's idea of fun and action:

He gets in a good hit on Red Kitty

lays on his back to diffuse the situation

gets whacked by Red Kitty

Took a lickin' and shaking it off

Lookin' a bit dopey

Red Kitty bugs out, finds safe haven, and grins at me

I am a little rushed today...I've got things to put into my weekend posts that are more complex, possibly interesting, maybe even fun...but not today. So I offer for your pleasure a funny little sequence of still photos of Purrmeister as he "attacks" the Red Kitty...he attacks everything: Red Kitty, Mariah, my arms, his rope, his own tail. Thankfully, he's gotten smart enough to just leave Dakota alone--she's kind of old and grumpy with everyone except me. She bites!

The interesting thing is: Purrmeister attacks...then he quickly does the submissive thing by laying on his back as if to say "I was just kidding!" Smart little guy, eh?? But he doesn't let up that easily and eventually, he gets whacked by the Red Kitty. I think he's taken some pretty good hits as you can see him shake his head to clear his brains and act sort of dopey (reminds me of watching boxing matches!) Red Kitty outweights him at least 3 to 1, so he always far.


prophet666 said...

you have good looking cats

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - kitten bapping - some times they grow out of it and sometimes not. Our orange boy - still does it - the other two only in self defense. Love when they go bap-bap-bap real fast and then run like hell. Cats - gotta love 'em - what wold we do for laughs if we didn't have them around?

Sandee said...

I love to watch kitties play. It's purrfect.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Lin said...

Showdown at Big Sky! How funny! Red must be very tolerant to allow PurrM. to do that. That wouldn't go on here I don't think. Grace is NO fun. Well, not with Hobbes anyway.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

He is just precious, let's face it. They are so cute interacting like that.

Ann said...

My he's just growing like a weed but still cute as ever. Red kitty sounds like he knows how to keep purrmeister in

Marg said...

There is that bad Purrmeister. And poor Red kitty taking a whack. Good for him to whack back.
Have a great day. Hope you feel better.


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