Friday, February 26, 2010

Overlooked Orchids

I've blogged about my orchid growing fascination before and now is the season when I seem to get more blooms than the rest of the year (& right when I need flowers the most: the later gray days of winter.) I've got a few in flower right now--the newer, fresher ones are photographed and displayed here today. The new buds, in the lowest photo, are "on the way" to blooming. This is very cool because it's 2 stems from one plant, which doesn't happen too often for me. You can bet that when these buds open, I'll be sharing them here!

All winter, during the long dark days here, I keep these plants right next to east facing windows. They seem to benefit from direct winter sun although all the literature says "no direct sun." On those very rare occasions, like a day ago, when there's a brilliant sunny day, the blinds stay partially closed until the sun is past the "direct" position. Then I pull them open. Soon, as the days get longer and the sunlight gets stronger, I'll be moving most of them to their "summer homes." It will probably be awhile before the sunlight is really stronger, though.

Hope your weekend is full of fun, and thanks for dropping by!


Ling Ooi said...

Dear Willoaks studio,

My name is Ling and I too have my own handmade blog. I really admire your work and been following your work since I saw your stuff on Etsy. Keep up the good work and all the best.

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Duni said...

Your orchids are so beautiful!

a happy weekend to you too!

Regina said...

The orchids are beautiful. My Dad use to grow them as a "relaxing" hobby. He loved his greenhouse!!!


Poetic Shutterbug said...

The orchids are stunning Karen. Growing up my Dad had a greenhouse in the back yard where he grew orchids and I just loved all of them. They are a hearty flower and just so lovely

Anonymous said...

I've never been an orchid lover but those top ones are exceptional

Tomas said...

Wow, Your Orchids are the unforgettable! The flowers mesmerize- you photography is the love story. It put me under a charm - released me from the imprisonment in the darkness of my own roof. Your blog greatly expanded my horizon. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

That orchids are so beautiful!!!

Ann said...

Wow those are just beautiful.

Hot Rocks said...

Gorgeous! I love orchids. You obviously have a green thumb!


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