Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Sunday!

True confessions, I have a check list here in front of me of interesting odds and ends that I want to get up here on my blog. And I thought I would do it today, but I'm just a tad under the weather and having trouble focusing long enough to actually do anything "of consequence."

However, I did catch an amazing sunset last night. One of those where the undersides of the clouds are bright flamingo pink, may hues of orange, pink and purple evolve in the shortest interval.

It was amazing; it was very, very fleeting. I wonder what it is about the amazing skies recently? Any meteorologists care to comment? I don't recall any volcanoes of late (I've seen what they can do to sunsets.) At any rate, I was quite delighted to see how this palette was echoed in a part of my new "Silk and Pearls" collection. So for fun, I paired it all up here.

Well, not lookin' a gift horse in the I'll just share! Enjoy your Sunday.


Marg said...

The sunset pictures are wonderful. It is so much fun to see the sunset and the sunrise. The jewelry is awesome too. Now where is that cute kitty???

Split Rock Ranch said...

Gorgeous - everything - the sunset pics and the jewelry. I LOVE those colors! Hope you feel better soon.

Grace said...

Rich pink flamingo - Yay!

Ann said...

It all came together beautifully, the sunsets and the new pieces are gorgeous

Duni said...

I really love your silk and pearls collection. The flamingo pink is stunning!


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