Sunday, February 21, 2010

Made With Silk

So after diving really deep into this current fascination with silk and pearls, I began to experiment with photo images using a part of the new collection. I'm not sure where I'm going with this so I'm not sure if I'm there yet....must be a punch line in there somewhere, right? Here are just a couple of the "experiments," but I must confess, the luster of the pearls and the silk are just so sensuous to my eyes and truth be told, these feel pretty darn good on the skin, too...truth in advertising? Oh yeah!

Meanwhile, I just spent a delightful Sunday with the extended family at a birthday party...then had to drive home in the early stages of a snow storm. Driving from south to north, the snow got heavier and heavier...I was so, so, so happy to get safely home. So now I can say 'let it snow!' as I'm OK with the old "hunker down" mode for awhile...but boy do I hate to drive in the stuff, especially at night!

The smartest, most important upgrade in my little world for this winter is I finally quit fishtailing in my old Chevy S-10 pickup in weather like this. I got my new second hand Subaru AWD last fall. So I'm thinking this is the safest winter driving I've done since the mid-80's when I started driving pickup trucks!! And it still feels kind of dicey on the Chicago area highways because no matter HOW safe YOU are driving, there are still, as my Grandpa would say, knuckleheads in the OTHER vehicles!

But after landing in the ditch and otherwise losing control of my own vehicle a few times on slick roads over the past few years, at least now I finally feel a little more in control when the roads are bad, and it's an amazing improvement. I keep wondering, what took me so long?

P.S. Entrecard glitched out on my last night while I was trying to return drops...and it didn't "come back" in time for yesterday...sorry I missed many of you but thank you for stopping by and I'll catch you today or tomorrow!!


Swapna said...

They do look beautiful.......

askcherlock said...

Beautiful pearls for your pearls of wisdom!
We drive an SUV, please forgive us. But it has kept us safe in the absolute worst of snow and ice. I once had a truck for my antique business and you are right about them fish-tailing. One thing is certain: I will never go back to a sedan.

Anonymous said...

Lucious photos...

Sandee said...

Entrecard was really, really slow yesterday. It's doing fine today though.

Have a terrific day. :)

Ann said...

Great photos. those colors are wonderful.
I hear you on the winter driving. I hate it.

Ratty said...

Being a guy, I don't really wear jewelry, but I can still appreciate the textures and colors. These are great.

I know what you mean about trying to drive in the snow. I don't have too much trouble, but a front wheel drive would be nice right now. And the other crazy drivers seem to almost ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

Glad you were safe then! Driving in snow is never fun. But then again, I'm not used to doing it much, I can't imagine being in your shoes!

You have been so prolific as of late my mouth is just drooling with jealousy. You draw my mind into that place of letting your hands lead you from one artistic tangent to another and becoming more and more motivated as your work spikes your creativity. Ah...I can't wait for the summer so I can get there again.

Anyway...the proof is in the putting as they say. This work makes me drool too. You're right, the luster of the materials is so delicious.


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