Monday, September 28, 2009

"I Heart Handmade" - Week 2

I seem to be out of synch with my Etsy Blogger post (below) because there's actually a different blog and artist currently being featured this month, but for some reason, my widget here isn't up to date. Well, I'm brand new at the Etsy Blogger team so it may take awhile to get the hang of it! Although my posting is "out of date" with the "blogger of the month," I like Edi's work, her shop and her blog, so I'll leave it here for viewing, and move on to another Monday feature that I started last week, namely, the "I Heart Handmade" show!

Have any of you purchased any of the delicious looking handmade edibles through Etsy or Artfire yet? I confess I haven't but when I look at some of the photos and read the descriptions, I am so-o-o-o tempted. Case in point. Nicole's Homemade Treats featured here in the "I Heart Handmade" for Fall. A look at her treats, like these truffles, sent me scurrying over to her Etsy shop to see what else she had available and m-m-m-m, looks like a liberal use of chocolate which is ALWAYS a big hit with me! Another plus - she uses organic ingredients AND eco-friendly products and packaging. I may finally have to succumb to take a peek and see what I'm talking about!

And continuing the overview of the whole I Heart Handmade show, here is a look at another collection of the shops, artisans and artists who are included this month. There's so much variety and choice about some early holiday shopping, anyone?

Finally, I'd like to highlight another of my new Fall pieces, included in my display in the "I Heart Handmade" show, and currently available in my Etsy shop. This season, I'm enchanted with this neck piece structure that I designed to be adjusted to suit different necklines and to showcase beautiful collections of natural stones.

This labradorite version is one of my more "deluxe" interpretations. An amazing collection of faceted teardrops was hand selected to be graduated in size. It took me quite awhile to collect enough different strands of "raw beads" in different sizes with the faceted teardrop shape to achieve this arrangement. Just over 9" of teardrops are strung on silver plated braided steel beading cable, and then linked to a sterling silver chain and lobster clasp that I have oxidized. More labradorite gems are incorporated as links and as a final dangle from the chain. This piece can be adjusted from a longer length of 23" to as short a choker as is desired, in order to work with the neckline of the day, making it really versatile. I just love labradorite. I'm fascinated by the colored flashes that play against the more neutral base color of gray and grayish brown.

If you like labradorite, too, keep an eye on my shops as I've got a number of new pieces that feature this beautiful semi-precious gem on my workbench now. Meanwhile, have a wonderful week!


Sandee said...

I think I'm drooling over the truffles. Yes, I'm sure I am. I also think I gained 5 pounds too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that new necklace is simply stunning! I do love it when necklaces allow you to adjust their length too.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

I just did a show on Saturday and sat next to an adorable soap Maker, StellaMarie...she sells on Etsy and has quite a great business going (off-line as well)!!!

The necklace is the way it tapers off to become very thin @ the nape of the neck...beautiful!!

askcherlock said...

The chocolates look luscious and your necklaces are stunning. I usually start Christmas shopping in October, so I am sure I will shopping your treasures!

Ann said...

Oh my I had the same thought that Sandee did. I suddenly have a huge craving for chocolate.
The necklaces are beautiful.

kml said...

The light picks up those blues in the necklace so beautifully!

I wish those chocolates were right here in front of me now - they look so delicious!

Pricilla said...

Those caramels looks too good.
Your necklace is stunning.

RE Ausetkmt said...

ooooo early holiday shopping indeed.
that necklace is beautiful. now that chocolate, WOW ! how can you feel good tempting us with that delicious chocolate caramel truffle.. shame for shame. (when do mine arrive) :)


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