Sunday, September 27, 2009

Etsy Blogger Promotion - Memories for Life Scrapbooks

A little while ago, I joined the "Etsy Bloggers" team and so, once a month, I'll be posting a special piece about the featured blogger for each month. Please note the widget, down below, which updates every month with a new artist - blogger.

This month's selected blogger is Edi Royer, the Iowan artist behind "Memories for Life Scrapbooks." In her Etsy (and Artfire) shops, she's got a really cool set of designs she customizes to showcase a set of photos, using different themes. Here on her blog, you can peek at new designs she's got in progress, including this baby album which I think is really fresh and different (another great illustration of "why buy handmade!" Where else could you get such a unique piece made for your special child or grandchild?)

Here in her Etsy shop, I'm really drawn to these customized designs for "destinations" for a vacation photo collection--can you imagine using a big city name? A park name? A country name? What a special keepsake, filled with precious photos and memories, this could become.

Want a special scrap book that's not quite so daring?? There are many designs here, too, for all kinds of uses including address books, recipe books, notebooks and photo albums for many uses and themes. Her papers and colors are so much fun and she writes that she loves to do custom work, in case you have a collection of keepsakes that has been just waiting for that perfect album.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Thank you for the wonderful feature :)

Vidhya said...

really love your blog and your jewelry and your color combinations... please visit mine if u get a chance. I am adding your blog in my blogroll. Hope you don't mind...


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