Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tying up Some Loose Ends

Well, Thursday is as good a day as any, I suppose, to tidy up some loose ends and overdue items.

There's a full moon rising, for better or for worse, and I happened to have my camera and be near a fence post to give it a try because it took a full 1 second exposure--nearly impossible to do hand held, but after about 8 tries, one came out to be sort of interesting. I liked the way the clouds blurred, but the outline of the moon was fairly sharp.

I meant to thank Theresa of Theresa's Treasures for featuring my piece in her blog last week. Not sure if it was coincidence or what, but that bracelet sold over the weekend, which was just wonderful!! And although I'm all for buying wearable art for ones' self when ever possible, keep in mind that these kinds of things also make unique gifts--often, one of a kind gifts--and I mention this because that bracelet and a couple of pairs of coordinated earrings are about to be a special birthday present for one lucky wife!!

I have become an "ArtFire Maven!" What's that, you ask? It's a pool of artists who review new features, check new ideas, help tweak this fabulous site for shopping for unique gifts, original hand made items, and cool art materials as Artfire grows beyond its' beta mode and gets into high gear in anticipation of the holiday season (oh my, did I just say "holiday" in August?? Woe is me...) I'll be sharing more info about the evolution of Artfire as new things are in place. I opened my shop there back in January, as a charter member, and although it doesn't get quite the traffic as Etsy does yet...things are improving there for both the artists AND the shoppers all the time, stay tuned!

And finally, last but not least, a huge hunk of gratitude to my own collection of Entrecard "top droppers" on my blog for July! Be sure to drop in on all of these fine blogs who honored my blog with lots of regular visits last month (and Thank You to any and all of my visitors! I'm honored that you take a few minutes to drop by and check more "chapters" in "Behind the Gallery View.")

Dropper # of drops
Let's Jump Together 31
Photography by KML 31
Split Rock Ranch 31
Frugal Healthy Choices 31
PJ's Prose 31
Computer Aid 31 31
My gypsygoods 31 31
Coming Back to Life 31


elizabethbarber said...

I am so impressed by your blog and your dedication. I love your jewelry ..I am putting together a list of my xmas gift favs! Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog...I am very new to this whole overwhelming make it look effortless! :)

Sandee said...

Nice group of top droppers you have for last month.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on the sale from your feature. That's always a great surprise. And looking forward to the artfire update news. I joined the site about 2 months ago, but haven't really kept up on much about their news.

Theresa said...

Karen that is so cool about your sale! Of course, it is a lovely bracelet which was why I featured it.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Thank you for the link. I enjoy visiting your blog daily and have enjoyed the friendship we've developed through etsy and blogging!


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