Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rain Clouds or Rain Butt?

The past few weeks, several collisions of hot and cold air gave us some amazing storms here in the Midwest. In this sequence, a really heavy storm darkened the sky while we were pruning some trees and we quickly gathered the tools and took cover. The wind just exploded around us right after I took the top photo and we later heard that a tornado was spotted just northwest of the farm, but no damage was done, thankfully!

So thanks to intermittent rain showers, gardens and planters are still thriving, despite the cooler than average nights. But when the rains fail us, especially for watering planters and window boxes, a couple of "rain butts" capture the water that falls on the garage roof and keep it for later. Then, a handy spigot is used to fill the trusty old watering cans.

On another note, I wish my cat, Red, could take a few lessons from "Daisy the Curly Cat" about cooperating with my photo efforts. In the sequence I made chasing him around the deck, he deliberately avoided looking at me and my camera, not even once!! And he's not shy at all...just stubborn, I think, and not in the mood for the camera. Little stinker....


Shinade aka Jackie said...

I live in Oklahoma and i can relate to the rainy weather. My arthritis has been terrible for over a month now due to all of the fronts pushing through.

As for your cat, I totally understand! Neither of my cats ever co-operate.

Puma is solid black and hates the camera. The only time I can get a picture of him is when he is asleep. But as he is so so black you can barely tell what the picture is.

Rascal is our newest and still a kitten. I have managed to get a few of him. but, then he becomes interested in the camera and photo time is over!

Good luck with your chases and the weather. BTW, you did manage a great shot here!:-)

Nancy said...

Ha! I read rain butt and tried to spot a butt in the photo of the clouds. I actually succeeded too! Hahah. Nice system you have there, love it. And cats will be cats, they just do what they want. If they want to be a star they do, if they don't want to have anything to do with it, good luck!

Sandee said...

Red is on to you. Not going to cooperate at all. That's adorable.

I love all your beautiful flowers.

Have a terrific day. :)

Dr. Lauren said...

What a beautiful view. All I have to look at is Palm trees.

WillOaks Studio said...

What a fun collection of comments today!! Jackie--sorry about your arthritis-the weather has been very strange! Making photos of cats is HARD!
Nancy, that is just so funny about the "butt in the sky!" I cracked up when I read it.

Sandee, Red has a mind all his own and has me wrapped around his little paw!

Dr. Lauren, thanks for your comments--although Palm trees don't sound too bad, either!

Lin said...

Hey, your Red looks like Hobbes!! And if it makes you feel any better, Hobbes turns his back on me too when I go to take his photo! Stinkers.


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