Friday, July 17, 2009

Drifts...In July

OK, I'll drop the notion of "weedy" for now, and use a proper landscaping term: Drifts. And I'm so happy I don't need to shovel away this variety! The abundance is quite astonishing and so, in coming days here, I also have category postings planned for asclepias and monarchs, for more "layers of color", for new lilies, for macro blooms, and for more splendid wild flowers....stay tuned!

I may also need a special showing for what it's like to take hand held photos in low light, in the rain, being chewed by mosquitoes....and with a dog tugging on her leash. I can accept a few of THESE special effects, maybe. Any photographers reading this probably know what I mean, LOL!


Campbell Jane said...

Beautiful. Some of my favorite flowers. Love Black-eyed Susans, Hydrangeas and daisies

Sandy said...

Black Eyed of my favorites. My lillies are coming on strong now, daisies about done. Then I'll move into my Rose of Sharon and Mallow period. I love flowers and the colors.


Anonymous said...

Awh, that last photo is of the little weeds I used to pick for my mom as a kid. I'm sure she just tossed them, but I thought I was so thoughtful:)

It's sad, you are right. I'm sure there are people out there who mark our shops for later design ideas or to copy. I suppose that's what we get though for making our work available to the public. Sigh.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Heavenly - it's like a safe garden walk for the hayfever afflicted.

I just love the clouds of white and pink playing off of eachother so perfectly.

everyday you post more and more flowers. are they all at your house ?
girllllllllllllll.... I so want to come to your tea party.

ooooo remember me, I promise to bring some buttery delicious scones.

kml said...

Forget the snow - I'll take these drifts any day!

So beautiful!

Lin said...

OOOOOHH, I do love your white hydrangeas!! Well, and the rest of the flowers--but those are my favs. Always love to see your photos here. :)

WillOaks Studio said...

Ohhh, I do wish I could invite all of you for a tea party...but maybe a virtual one is more realistic? Mmm, scones are my favorite sinful treat, too! Yes, I'm responsible for this somewhat messy's out of control and a bit too much this year. It looks better with photo editing than taken as a whole because in many parts...the weeds are winning! Darn.

ArtSnark said...



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