Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Open Hearts and More Ice

The weather is the topic again. We may have missed the "worst of it" the past couple of days, but are still in the grip of the season. We don't see much relief coming, either.

But at least we have power, it's warm inside.

My favorite beauty is in her full glory again! She reminds me of a fucshia spotted hereford cow...and every petal is different. Stunning....and always in the dead of winter. What a gift.

I ventured out this evening, a pot of chili in my tote, and met with art friends to talk and eat (oh yeah!) A nice relief from a couple of days of finish work on the "Open Heart" series, a full day of photography efforts, and the disaster my abode has become as I've remained (happily) buried in the new art efforts. Luckily, no one is looking and my housemates don't complain as long as they are fed and petted regularly. Hey, I can at least keep up with their needs....But the "important" stuff...

The series currently has 13 different pieces. "Open Hearts." I love the word and the concept...and a "thank you" to the doctor who finished "open heart" surgery on my friend Rebecca last month...from which she's not just recovering, but has a whole new life ahead of her. In serious praise of "open hearts." Now, if this concept would just infect a few more people, the world might become a better place. One heart at a time!

On a material note, this idea began last year, when working with really heavy silver wire became an exercise in calligraphy. Texture and surface, however, were ON the line, not from it. I got that first piece out a few weeks ago and became re-inspired. I have a few new tools, materials and skills to bring into the mix. These pieces will go up on my Etsy and Artfire stores over the next few days and the weekend.

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