Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peony Season

You thought lilacs smelled divine?  There are certain varieties of peonies in bloom here now that seem to perfume the whole farm!  Another brief, glorious, seasonal event as my collection of peony bushes bursts into bloom--a bit later than usual due to the cold spring, but welcomed in the landscape and wonderful to cut for bold, fragrant bouquets to bring indoors.

I love this form--and also have it in deep ruby and bi-color pink, but white has little fragrance.
This variety seems to have the most fragrance (and the most ants!) 
I remember when we first moved to this farm when I was quite young, and as was typical of many farm houses, a large bed here, devoted to peonies, was memorable.  At some point, it disappeared from the landscape.  When I moved back to take care of my dad in 2003, I brought numerous plants from Iowa, including a few that are heirloom varieties.  If the big storms currently moving through our area this evening haven't destroyed the look of some of the bigger, brighter bushes, I hope I can photograph and post a few more views soon.

Anyone else enjoying peonies this month?  Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

My mother had peonies in her garden and I don't recall their having any scent...they are pretty tho...

Lin said...

Oh, YES! I called my neighbor and snagged some of hers to put in my kitchen and my desk at work. They smell heavenly!! While I don't have any in my garden, I know who does and I go over and cut some.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh - just went to your Etsy store - looking for a birthday gift - you're doing some beautiful new styles...Gonna go back there and drool some more and then pick something out..Nice!


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