Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spring is Springing

 It continues to be a long, lush Spring around here.  Things are blooming and many fruits are forming, including mulberries, chokecherries, raspberries and more.  I made the collage above to juxtapose a collection of the textures that different plants are showing now as buds and flowers blanket limbs and branches.

 A week ago, I collaborated with 3 other families to resurrect my father's vegetable garden.  In years past, I had edged two of the three plots with a mix of perennials, shrubs and bulbs, but left the center square free for ever changing vegetable crops.  A mix of seedlings and seeds are finally installed!  Heavy on cole crops, and plenty of beans, peas, lettuce and much more to pick and use in due time.

 A trio of salmon pink oriental poppies have bloomed for me for many years now and I'm just fascinated with these flowers and with the striking seed pods they become when mature.  They are part of the "border" that surrounds two of the vegetable patches.

Finally, one of the best surprises so far this Spring:  a number of my tractor tire planters have self-seeded with snap dragons!!  I was so happy to just discover this, as I'd been searching in vain for seed starts for the larger, taller snapdragon plants.  I guess they aren't in fashion this year as I could find NONE at any of the numerous garden places I checked.  And then, a few days ago I finally took a closer look to see about weeding and preparing these planters that mark the road back into the campground.  Lo and behold, numerous, vigorous seedlings from plants here in years past had grown all on their own!  Good thing too, because I've never had much luck trying to start these from seeds, but good old Ma' Nature had no problem getting these guys started all by herself, no help needed.

So the past weekend, a good part of the transplanting, putting in seeds, general pruning and clearing weeds, etc. was all almost completed around WillOaks Farm and Campground.  Everything is happening so late this year but am hoping the "better late than never" holds true....to be continued!  Meanwhile, bone weary, long days, tons of work to do all in between running a campground that seems to get busier every week.  Yep, things are very busy around here!

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Can't wait to see it, Karen!


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