Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekends at WillOaks

 This has been our third weekend of the new season but the first one that was "crazy busy" with lots of campers.  I took this soft photo of the pond, and the ones below, just after we finished our weekly mowing and prep work, but before about 100 campers moved in for the weekend.  Looks peaceful here!

 There's a visual softness at this time of year as trees are just beginning to leaf out and on the audio side, I think I actually heard the first "peepers" (little frogs) of the year begin their first little call and answer just a couple of days ago, and then the first amazing reverberations of our resident bull frogs just yesterday.  In due time, these become the steady background sounds of life here through the summer.

And I'm really glad we pushed to get the beach up to speed this past week, because it was full of swimmers already today!  Methinks the water has a nice chill to it yet, but when it's 80F, maybe that's a good thing?  After that frightening drought last Summer, to see the pond full to the brim with clear, clean water and lots of healthy fish in all sizes was an enormous relief this Spring, and I hope we can just skip the drought drama this year, thank you.

I'm totally exhausted and since the majority of our campers this weekend are kids with families, I feel pretty safe going to sleep early as crazy midnight parties, etc. seem pretty unlikely.  OTOH, early morning fishing and swimming are very likely.  So good night for now and best wishes to all for a lovely Sunday, folks, and thanks so much for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

That's a boatload of green you got there :-)

Lin said...

uh oh....I'd better get my reservation going! sounds like it is going to be a busy summer!


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