Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bugs Project

WillOaks Studio "Insects, Bugs, Butterflies & Moths" Pinterest Page
I've found a wonderful purpose for my new Pinterest collecting--it's becoming a kind of therapy to help me get better with my insect aversion.  Alright, aversion might be a bit tame:  a better description would be my tendency to totally freak out when spooked by bugs.

So on Pinterest, I'm carefully collecting them, looking at them, actually enjoying the amazing shapes, colors, diversity.  And not just the really pretty ones, either, although there are plenty of these. 

Look at this spider photo I found yesterday....it reminds me of the time I came nose to nose with a "Wolf Spider" in Fresno, where I could have sworn the creature was larger than my hand, and had a row of eyes that wrapped all around his head.  I became hysterical because he was in my place and I had no idea what to do.  Lucky for me, my friend took care of the problem....but I ask myself now, why couldn't I just relax and LOOK at the amazing creature?  Calm down, take a breath, and study him?

So maybe bug photo collecting will help prepare me to handle insect encounters better?  You see, I'd love to go nose to nose with some really big cicadas this summer, if I'm lucky to see some, AND if I can remain calm, cool and collected enough to really get up close and look at them.  So if any of my readers know of any good bug photos, please leave me links here, and I'll add them to my collection!  And if any of you happen to have any ideas to add to my proposed course of insect therapy here, add those too!  Thanks!


Lin said...

There are some bugs that I can look at without getting the willies....preying mantis is one....oh, and caterpillars. I can't, and won't, look at spiders. EEEK!!

Anonymous said...

I had to scroll through this quickly - I hate bugs - any kind, any where, any time...Nope - not looking at bug pictures...

object maker said...

Hey Karen,

Long time since we talked. Drop me an email or note on my face book page.

your second coz Bonnie


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