Thursday, June 7, 2012

Long Days

Yes, I'll repeat myself:  moving is hard work.  And on top of all the lifting and carrying, there's the emotional part.  My father lived in this house since about 1982 or so and since I'm trying to clear out and deal with all sorts of nooks and crannies, I stumble upon things that can hit me hard.  Today, I found a packet of notes written TO him by his kids, and saved.  Hooo boy....I sort of put it aside because I have to take some of these encounters when I'm ready.  Right now, the schedule is very tight to prepare for the actual "mover" who will pick up and take the larger stuff for me.  So lollygagging over little things is not a good idea, not now.  Later, later I'll open that envelope and see....

I've mentioned before--several times I'm sure--how much I love my little art studio camper by the pond.  And right now, it's truly a refuge from the chaos, the mess, the work of the day.  Nice to be greeted by all the critters living in this gilded cage (I think of the camper this way for them, and am very anxious for the cats to try out the big new place!)  I'll spend tomorrow, Friday, here because my amazing campground helper needs a day off to take care of her things, and with the glorious weather of late, I expect we could be pretty busy with campers for the weekend. 

Between duties, I have a simple, but important, to-do list for Friday:
dust and vacuum camper (4 furry critters live here, for goodness sake!)
make the curried lentil and rice recipe that's been rolling around in my brain (an experiment)
try to finish orders that are in progress or have come in recently
take a break from packing!!!!

Then, Saturday, I'll hopefully be refreshed to get back to the packing job....hopefully!

Meanwhile, here's a very pretty insect I found but could not identify--so I don't even know:
Are you a good bug or a bad bug?? (If anyone should know what this is, please leave a note!  Even if you don't, please leave a note.....)

Have a great TGIF!!


Anonymous said...

Laughing because in the thumbnail version in my reader, that photo looked like a rock climber! I was wondering what you were up to....LOL.

WillOaks Studio said...

Ha ha!! That's true-I see it too! But no, not me!

Lin said...

I don't know what that bug is, but I know by his color that birdies probably don't want to eat him.

I can't wait to get out to Will Oaks in a few weeks! I hope you have a few minutes to chill with us in spite of the move and all.


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