Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blogfire Blog Blitz!

If you haven't dropped in lately, my studio on ArtFire is all gussied up for the Fall season right now even as I'm getting all my holiday shopping ducks in a row (old favorites and new additions all scheduled to be up by mid November!)

Note my new shop banner? My favorite banner designer, Winchester Lambourne has made me a new one to slip in between my summer and winter banners!! It coordinates with the new banner here on my blog and in my Etsy shop. So perfectly seasonal. Gee I think she makes my work look good!

But this post is to start my readers thinking about holiday shopping for that WillOaks Studio necklace you've been considering (drooling over?)--either to give as a gift or to get for yourself for when you're nicely dressed up (even if it is only that one time of the year!?!) --

OK, so maybe it's just for a nice original pearl design....to wear with your jeans while you're digging in the garden, shoveling snow or milking the cows? Don't laugh, I actually DO these things here at WillOaks Farm! OK, maybe the cows are a stretch....but I do put on all kinds of pearl necklaces with all kinds of crazy outfits....remember, I run a campground from May 1 to mid October! And also remember: pearls are completely washable as are the handmade silk ribbons I've been fond of using in my pearl bib designs the past couple of years.

And while it doesn't happen too often...when I'm questioned about this way of dressing (especially at the campground) I give the softball pitch about my online studios. Or if the puzzlement seems REALLY bad....I just say that pearls are my birthstone. But I don't usually need an excuse and, IMHO, neither do ANY women for wanting to put on jewelry and a dab of perfume, even if it is just to clean the house. Does this make me retro?

So I'm engaging in shameless self-promotion today because that is the theme of our new Blogfire Blog Blitz. I'm steering you over to the next blog by Janet Bocciardi of Honey From The Bee who also has shops on ArtFire and Etsy, and also belongs to the ArtFire Guild we call Blogfire. (Be sure to link to her shops from her blog--you're in for a treat!)

And while I'm not sure yet what surprises she will have for you today, here's a cool tip: also scroll down to her 10-31-11 post for a fabulous peek at La Rambla in Barcelona where everyone seems to be going a tad nutty for Halloween!! It's so cool!

True confession: I hung out in a hostel on the Rambla for a couple of weeks in my "youth" but it was during July or August, so I missed the Halloween fun. BUT my experience of this amazing neighborhood in this fantastic city was also memorable. Hmmmm, I wonder when I can wander back over there again? It's been quite awhile.....and I could use a good dose of Gaudi's art and architecture....I love Spain and Catalonia and paella!

Please enjoy the rest of the Blog Blitz, following link to link, and blog to blog (with little detours to several fine shops full of Handmade Goodness!) Happy November and thanks for dropping by!


Ann said...

very pretty necklaces and I love your new header

Anonymous said...

I do love the new banner! You had me cracking up to myself thinking about you wearing pearls while gardening etc. Haah...why not though, right?

Rose said...

Your banners are beautiful! I hope that you have lots of holiday sales! There is definitely nothing wrong with looking nice to do things around the house or outdoors. Now that I'm working from home, I still make the effort to look good every day.

Carey Lynn said...

oh, I just lve a good blitz! I actually did notice your new AF banner - just lovely

Additionsstyle said...

I love your new banners, and your pearl necklace is lovely! Have fun with your blog blitz.
Everyday Inspired

Erin O'Riordan said...

I love Barcelona, and I love pearls.


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