Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Hoops, Part 2

This coiled hoop design came to me a few years ago and has changed and evolved with use. Recently, I've been inspired by some vintage seed beads I've either found, was given, or purchased and I needed a way to showcase these tiny beauties that wasn't just sort of straight and boring So I pulled out my trusty old coiled wire design and pushed it to a new direction.

Since I fabricate each part of these earrings, I can make them any size I wish and as simple or complex as needed. Oxidized sterling, bright sterling or copper are fair game for materials and mixed metals are just beginning here with some new pieces.

Big Sterling Silver Brown Hoop Earrings with Vintage Rootbeer Beads

There are a few others in this vein with more colors and different sizes to be seen here and here. Don't worry if they aren't quite "your thing." The pairs I've sold so far seem to be going to musicians and artists so maybe they are kind of "out there?" And even more interesting, I'm selling these better outside of the U.S. then inside our country...I have to wonder if it's something about the weakness of the dollar.

At any rate, true confession, although I had every intention of editioning these when I first made them, I've since discovered (how embarrassing) that they are actually really difficult to make a 2nd and 3rd time around. This doesn't happen too often (thank goodness!) that I come up with a design that I can't seem to repeat, but with these, I haven't figured out an easy way to do these, they take a lot of fact, they are pretty hard to make.....bummer!

But I'll file it under the "live and learn" category!

Sending warm Equinox wishes to all and have a lovely Sunday!


Grace said...

I think they are quite spectacular. Especially the first two pair. I tend to like brightly colored jewelry.

Duni said...

Ooh,these are fun! I like the brightly coloured top ones.
Wonderful craftsmanship!

wishing you a pleasant Sunday,

Ann said...

Exactly what Duni said, FUN. Although while her and Grace like the multi colored ones I was drawn in by the last two.

randomcreative said...

They look neat! I love the bright seed bead mixes. I have a tough time designing pieces that I can repeat, especially those that are more time consuming. There's nothing wrong with having some limited edition pieces in your shop, though.

The Belly Dancer said...

They are lovely, I like the ones with the many colors.

Lin said...

They look like a lot of work to me. :)

Are you doing any shows in the Chicagoland area this fall? or Winter?

WillOaks Studio said...

Thank you Grace and Duni--I do switch back and forth between brights and more naturals, between mixed up and monochrome...I like them all and this keeps it exciting for me!

Thanks Ann--I can't choose between the two I make and wear them both, depending on my mood.

Hi Rose--I have to edition most of my things here--it's so much work to design, photograph and post on Etsy or AF, the only way to keep most pieces affordable is to repeat them a few times....these were just really hard to make over and I still haven't quite figured it out!

Thank you, Belly Dancer and Lin--and yes, they are pretty intense to make! I'm showing in Barrington Oct 1-31!! More soon!

Thanks guys!!


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