Monday, March 7, 2011

Catch up

Backtracking just a bit, here is a peek at the show I did recently and hopefully, a preview of how my installations will go for some neat summer opportunities I'm planning for. I forgot to photograph the whole left half of this installation--with lots of bracelets and eyeglass chains--but trust me, it was over there!

I recently heard an experienced seller mention that in the summer, folks tend to buy more for themselves....I've always been tied up with the campground in summer so hope to try to get out a bit more this coming season.


Anonymous said...

I could see how people would feel more relaxed about purchasing during the summer. I'm hoping to get to do a craft show this summer too!

Ann said...

Looks fabulous. I can see how people would buy more for themselves in the summer since during the winter months you're more concerned with holidays and higher bills.

Anonymous said...

Seems a lot of us are trying to play catchup! Your display looks great!


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