Friday, March 11, 2011

Alien Orchid Evolves

I highlighted this amazing blossom awhile back. I marveled that a plump bud was opening on a plant that took 2 years to bloom. A few days after I present the early photos, the flower opened a bit further and is presently looking a bit more like a standard alien orchid instead of that more otherworldly look it first presented.

So sorry, I still haven't taken time to research more info, like the name of the flower, promised earlier but hey, if any orchid experts happen to pass through tell!!

Happy Weekend all!


Grace said...

It is a Lady Slipper orchid - google it and then choose images - Amazing!

Ann said...

I don't know a thing about orchids other than they are pretty :) This one is very unique

Lin said...

Oh, it is soooo pretty!

Tomas said...

Great picture. The flower talks - it talks loudly. So you lighted up the grateful smile on Tomas' sketchbook. Thank you.


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