Friday, November 5, 2010

Totally Random

I missed Wordless Wednesday this week. I was up well into the morning on Wednesday, listening to election returns. I've been tired ever since.

Not especially focused right now. Trying to finish pieces and tie up some loose ends but a few "answers" or "solutions" to how these pieces should be finished continue to elude me. I ordered some artisan made ribbons this week...we'll see.

I tried to design a new business card, but it was going nowhere fast.
So I randomly played with some textural photos.

And then I played "gotcha'" with Red Kitty. Not flattering, reminds me of a beached whale, but look at the smile on his little face. Reminds me I seriously need some rest!

Happy weekend everyone!


Marg said...

Hi there Red Kitty. Where is your friend,Purrmeister?? I probably spelled that wrong. Thanks for visiting our blog.
Red Kitty, we love the smile on your face. Take care and have a super weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hmn...hopefully you can catch up on sleep soon, when you loose sleep you do get a whole lot of nothing done. Just can't think right. I see what you mean about that necklace. I LOVE the concept, and the beadwork with the knot is just amazing. I do love the silver ring and the use of ribbon, but I think maybe the tie should happen....well, where exactly, that's the problem, but not where it is now either. Ep. Conundrum.

Anonymous said...

Love the flowers - bright treat for the eyes as your blog loaded!

Ann said...

What a gorgeous bouquet that is. A perfect start to a blog post. Love those necklaces too.
Red Kitties smile is too precious and he sure looks comfy :)

LyndaB said...

Between the sunflowers and the ridiculously contented tabby, this post put a big smile on my face. :)

Dropping in from the Autumn Blog Hop and waving!

winter gurl said...

The cat is very fatty like me ..hoho


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