Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Treats from Me to Me....

You bet I earned it...I've worked really hard this summer and so, I've done a bit of my own Etsy shopping for some gifts: from me to me. I'm writing about this today because I'm highlighting two artisans that you may wish to take a serious look at in order to treat yourselves (or loved ones)!!

First up, 2TrickPony. My Etsy buddy Rachel is an A+ metalsmith, quite renowned for her hoop earrings. I bought some earrings from her earlier, and now, I've convinced her to make new jewelry from old for me as recycling precious metal and other parts is one of her specialties. My new/old recycled ring is still a work in progress (and I'll blog about it when it's finished), but the newly remade earrings are so wonderful, I'm getting comments left and right.

Some years ago, my brother and his wife bought me these turquoise earrings and a matching pendant since they knew how much I love turquoise, teal, aqua...that family of colors. Since I'm blond, the blues suit me, too. At any rate, back to the gift earrings...they were posts and I have trouble wearing posts because my ear lobes are too skinny and anything with any weight sort of droops and looks I only wear dangly earrings. Well, I sent these posts to Rachel, not really sure if she could figure out a way to turn them from posts into hanging earrings...and EUREKA (actually, she lives near there in CA) look what she created for me!

Now I love, love, love them and...they make me so happy!! Rachel did a brilliant job of creating a special bezel for the mounted stones with a half hoop soldered on and once she saw that they hung right, made wires for them and clipped off the posts. To me, they look like they were meant to be this way from the start, lol!

Treat #2. About 1998 I spent a semester in Lodz, Poland (pronounced "Woodje"), as I've briefly mentioned here before. The art academy where I had my Fulbright residency is renowned for its fashion and textile was, historically, the city of Lodz.

So I happened to notice the fine knit lace patterns a Polish artisan from Lodz was making after Aga, owner of the shop Amadeitknits, used one of my pieces in an Etsy treasury that she put together. I wrote to her and asked if this scarf could be made in a color other than pink and learned she was happy to oblige as she had a new yarn order on the way.

I chose a really soft gray color which I just discovered Aga wrote up on her blog after she made it for me. Well, my finished scarf finally arrived in the mail on Friday (mail can be slow between Poland and the US) and it is as beautiful as I imagined.

The knitting is so fine and delicate and the pattern is so rich and intricate in its monochromatic color. It wraps my neck and then loops in front with length to spare and I will love, love, love wearing this....probably with my new earrings! cooler weather settles in around here and I go into my winter scarf wearing mode.

So the overarching reason I'm writing this is to remind one and all to shop HANDMADE! The amazing quality, the unique features and pieces, the custom work...all of this is possible for just a bit more (& sometimes a bit less!) then the costs of shopping mass produced things. For yourselves and for your loved ones--it's the right thing to do, as often as possible. Guaranteed to make you happy happy happy! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Anna said...

Nice presents to Karen!
Take a peek at my post about a garden!
Best wishes,

Anna's Alphabe-Th-C

Ann said...

You were very good to yourself, nicely done on the purchases :) Those earrings are fabulous and you're right they do look like they were meant to be that way. She did a fabulous job. The scarf is beautiful, it looks so soft.

Joella said...

WOW! Lucky girl to have a friend who's such a great metalsmith! LOVE ;)

Anonymous said...

Wear them all in good health!

Duni said...

It's nice to treat oneself from time to time. The earrings really are beautiful and the colour definitely suits you.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Very nice! Wish I had the pattern for that shawl. I'm trying to pick one to make for my SIL, and so far I have a few that I like, but this stitch is beautiful.

Amadeit said...

I'm so happy you are happy! I had so much fun knitting this scarf for you - I hope you'll have lots of fun wearing it:)
Greetings from Lodz!

jo said...

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Nick Raymon said...

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Lin said...

Oooh, those are lovely treasures! I really like the earrings.

Hey, when are you coming to Chicago for a show? I'd love to come see you. :)


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