Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Fun With Treasuries - Assignment: Color

"I've Got the (Electric) Blues" by WillOaks Studio submits this treasury to a treasury challenge...visit the treasury to learn what the assignment was and to look at this lovely blue collection. (I'm having so much fun - what took me so long?!)

Over the weekend, after I had created my first treasury with Primary colors, I got this thing about RED going, and here's the result! "You Red My Mind....when you realized I needed Red in my life."

Over on Artfire, Maria Palito curated this elegant gray treasury--and the monochrome theme continues!
"Pumpkin and Spice" is a warm, seasonal treasury curated by apmemory. in shades of orange that really evoke the shades of autumn harvest and holidays.

So how was that for "like minds?" All these monochromatic treasuries within a couple of days? I think this treasury feature on both Artfire and Etsy is going to be so great for assembling gift ideas for the coming holidays! If any of my readers has any basic themes or requests in mind (like: I'm searching for gifts for the woman who loves purple; for the guy who loves music, etc.) leave me a note and I'll see if I can put up a treasury with ideas that might solve your problem...or at least give you new ideas....all from the realm of HANDMADE!!

Happy November everyone!


Lin said...

I really like the color themes! It's so fun to see what everyone has in that color scheme and the variety. Fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the feathery earrings! I used to love red, now I find it a bit off-putting, strange isn't it? I think I'll stick to my purple and yellow..

Elisa said...

Aren't treasuries fun?! Such beautiful handmade goods to choose from, I love the monochromatic collections. :)

Carl said...

Great collection..I got your link from blogger..nice job..Did you make all these items?


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