Sunday, September 26, 2010

When Silk Has a Mind of Its' Own

OK, well my title may be a bit overstated, but readers of my blog who may have paid attention to the evolution of my work with crocheted silk over the past year will notice a new wild abandon.

These new cuffs give up any pretense of being straight, orderly lines and instead, act a bit like a bramble bush or hedgerow as strand after strand of silk with captured pearls and other materials jostles for space.

In fact, in the gray and the aqua pieces, over 10 feet of crocheted silk chain is basically organized to fill a space that's about 8" x 2", leading to a look somewhat dense, free and chaotic effect. The silk fiber is attached to and fastened with a pin clasp in all of these new pieces. And since these are primarily of silk, they are really soft and comfortable to wear and I like the way the luster of the pearls and mother of pearl is echoed by the luster of the silk.

In a later version, I embroidered a bone medallion with silk and then fastened it (sewed it) to the center of a cuff much like the ones described above, but made with fewer strands and generally smaller pearls and beads captured in the chains. Last summer, I began collecting various carved bone pieces, primarily coming from India, with the hope of using these for new Fall pieces. I've just begun to introduce some of these elements into the new cuff pieces. They are so interesting to me and have proved to be quite a challenge to work with...which is a good thing! (I like challenges.)'s suddenly cold around here and signs of autumn are appearing everywhere at once! I'm loving the crisp cold air and although my dreadful head cold is still lingering, have been regaining some of my energy, thank goodness!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Ann said...

Glad to hear you're feeling somewhat better. Those pieces are fantastic. That third one just screams Autumn to me.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love these new bracelets. I'll wait to see if you do one in purple...

Anonymous said...

They're very lovely. I see what you mean about the evolution of your work too. I was wondering from the pictures of the aqua ones the other day what it would look like on, so I'm glad to see that shot here. Very gorgeous. Dense yes, but that's sort of playing off current jewelry trends.

TiLT said...

I love the "free and chaotic" look!

AliciaMae said...

These are fantastic! So much color in the relatively small range of hues

Nick Raymon said...

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Nick Raymon said...

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