Thursday, September 23, 2010

Color Lessons - Equinox

I think it's a habit from my Alaska days. I mark the season's changes paying extra attention to the solstices and the equinoxes. So fall has officially begun. The moon is full. Day and night are of equal lengths. And changes in nature are everywhere here at WillOaks Campground. Today, the primary colors seemed especially striking.

Red - Yellow - Blue. Primary colors, yes, yet more subdued than in the box of crayons. The red stems at the top were luscious berries that have already been stripped. The yellow is some type of wild sunflower: in due time, these seeds will be eaten. And finally, Great Blue Lobelia, a wild flower that has been naturalizing nicely in the few years I've been paying attention. This was used for some type of medicinal purposes in earlier days, but I don't experiment with these things.

Meanwhile, clouds of tiny flowers, in both white and pale lavender, are everywhere. These are in the wild aster family and around here, are a sure sign of autumn.

There's my camper, near the pond behind the red canoe. We have about 4 weeks left here until the season is finished for 2010.

Happy Equinox everyone!


Ann said...

What a gorgeous assortment of color

Grace said...

Was the background on your blog always black? The photos don't seem to stand out as much as I remember. Or, I'm getting old and my eye sight is really getting worse.

WillOaks Studio said...

thank you, ann! grace, my blog was always black but I did update the design a little while ago...2 other possibilities on photo brightness: it was a gray day in this set of images and/or I've been editing photos on a laptop, not my big monitor, and I've been unsure about my photos done this way all summer!!

Nancy said...

It's nice to still see some life about!

Khaye said...

Ahhh!!! I love your photos!!! They are lovely and all!!! Wish I could take photos as good as you can!!!


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