Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (almost wordless...)

The magnolia tree is probably at it's peak for 2010.

No doubt there are buds that will continue to open,
but this could be the fullest it will look this season.

Between extreme winds and heavy rain squalls, the petals really take a beating. Notice the "petal litter?" Some days, the grass is very covered with fallen white bits.

Evidence of last night's storm--was it a touch of hail or just really large raindrops that caused all that racket? We lost power so I didn't go exploring until I checked damages in the morning light.

And a new treasury!
and delicious

Ginny, from the Etsy shop NJEMA, Beadwoven Jewelry and More, curated this dreamy, creamy collection which includes my peach pearls and moonstones. Do stop by and leave a comment!

And be sure to visit Ginny's shop. Her woven bead pieces are stunning plus, everything sold here is to help raise money for a water project in Sudan that she and her husband will be working on for 6 months.

I think this is the wordiest my Wordless Wednesday pieces have EVER been...I'll try to do better next time!


VanillaSeven said...

Oooh! So beautiful! All whites!


Lydia said...

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Anonymous said...

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njemacreative said...

love the magnolia pictures! And thanks for the plug. :D

Anonymous said...

I find the texture of the magnolia blossoms intriguing... love those trees.

That necklace of yours is magnificent. Lordy, I love your stuff...

Lenox Knits said...

I love the blooming trees, on my computer screen that is. Not so much in person.
I'm no good at Wordless Wedn. either, but then I'm so good at Wordless anything.

Ann said...

wordless or worded, it's still beautiful. At least the white stuff on the ground this time isn't snow :)

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I see these so often yet I am always blown away by their beauty.

randomcreative said...

Gorgeous tree! And congrats on the treasury. :) It's a stunning collection. And Ginny's work is awesome, too.

Ratty said...

These white blossoms are so good to see. I've been waiting for them to come around here, but none of my local nature parks have much that blooms yet. I decided to go out a little farther away yesterday until I found some blossoms to look at, like the ones you've been showing.

junezach said...

I do not know what to say. So beautiful! ^_^

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