Friday, April 2, 2010

Too Much Heat!

March 29, the day before the record breaking heatwave in Northern Illinois

April 1, one day later, most of the crocuses are shot.

It's such a pity when we have a heat blast at this time of year. In a span of 24 hours, the crocuses went from perfect to spent.
Many of the daffodils went from tight buds to wide open.
The Chionodoxa are wide open way too fast.
And the Magnolia buds are opening, then falling off in a single breath. It's just much better if the temperatures hover between 40 and 50 for awhile instead of breaking records and going OVER 80 DEGREES F yesterday.
I took a ton of photos in just the past 3 days--way too many good ones to post all at once, so I'll try to trickle them out here a couple times a day! And thankfully, it should cool off Friday night and remain rainy and cool over the weekend so that things in the garden will last a bit longer.


Ann said...

We also had record breaking temperatures here in northwestern Pennsylvania. It hit 82 and today I believe may be just a little hotter. I love it though. The flowers were beautiful before the heat got to them.

Campbell Jane said...

Mother Nature is a little crazy lately. Your photos of her handiwork amazing!
Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

I'll take all the flower pics I can get - Bring 'em on! It appears it was/is warmer in Ann's part of PA than in mine...

Margie and Edna said...

Gosh, those crocuses are beautiful. I especially like the picture of the purple and white striated one. Sorry the heat wave made them poop out so quickly.

--Beth (aka Edna)

Lin said...

Isn't the weather crazy??? My pond is green as all get out because the sun is shining and hot--allowing the algae to bloom. And to think last year was so cold for so long. I don't know what to expect from one day to the next!


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