Friday, April 2, 2010

Magnolias at the Speed of Light...and a Treasury

These are among the prettiest flowers that grace the gardens here.

Right now, their fragrance wafts over the yard and with the heat wave,

...they are opening quickly and then they don't last very long.

Dakota doesn't like the heat either, and will soon get her "summer shear job!" But here, her white coat coordinates well with the blooming magnolia.

And then, a Treasury in shades of white!

Tell me the story.....a few of my favorites

Lovely serendipity, with Magnolias on my mind, to learn tonight that my pearl and peridot necklace was included in this Etsy treasury of shades of white! It was curated by Friendly Fairies who has a multi person shop with delicate head pieces and hand carved wooden toys and objects--take a look! And if you'd like a closer look at the treasury (and to leave a comment!) please pop over here.


Jennifer Bohrer said...

Wow, the treasury looks really pretty here! Thanks for doing this...lets hope we have a great weekend.....
Friendly Fairies

Ann said...

The magnolias are so pretty. I can imagine how heavenly they smell. Dakota isn't the only one who's needing a spring sheer. Duke is past due for one

askcherlock said...

Karen, I love magnolias but I love the black pearl necklace I bought from you even more. We have several weddings to attend this summer and they will add a touch of class to my outfits. Thanks so much for your artistry!

Jodi said...

The magnolias are absolutely beautiful. I hope you have a blessed Easter.


Anonymous said...

I love magnolia trees - they can grow really huge - they were everywhere in Alexandria and they always just took my breath away with their beauty.

Chokingonstatic Design said...

Very pretty! Love the treasury :)

Beadwright said...

A very lovely post. The photos are so inviting. Thanks.

Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

We had LARGE magnolia tree next to our house where I grew up. I know what you mean about the flower's tends to follow you around the yard. I kind of can't picture childhood without that tree. Those leaves were the beginning of so many imaginary "soups." Haha. Dakota does look gorgeous though with your tree. And congrats on the gorgeous treasury!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely treasury you are in! I popped over AND commented :)


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